Competition boats with SAILMARKET


Following the request of the sailors, the organisers have agreed a new special prices for Lasers as follows

Our partner has agreed with us the best conditions for this renting:

The boats will be available at the venue from the 20th August.

Boats will be allocated by extrict order of request and will be equiped for optimise your own sailing profile.

Rental conditions and prices:

Period: 26th August – 2nd September (Include the regatta days and two measurement days for a total of 8 days): 720,00€

Period: 28th August - 2nd September (including the practise race on the 28th): 540,00€

Extra day: (from 20th to 25th August): 70,00

• Charter include: Hull, Foils, Mast, Trolley, Top cover, combo bag. (not include sail, control lines, tiller and pulleys)

• Deposit: 300,00€

50% rental price (360,00€) in advance for booking and confirmation

50% rental price (360,00€) upon arrival

Deposit: (300,00€) before to collect the boat (if in cash, the return will by cash in the site. If by bank transfer, return by bank transfer just after the championship) if no damages.

Please contact for further details to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.