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Valentine's Postcards

Ever tried to find a proper Valentine’s card? Gotta hustle to get the words you needed?

Say no more! Now you won’t have to fuck storm your brains out in search of the proper Valentine’s card.
Valentine's Postcards
The EuroSafyouth2017 team has created a collection of the extravagant and exclusive postcards for the lovey-doveys and those who care.

Valentine's Postcards
We’ve put our passion and love in these postcards, and we do hope you will like them.

See the album for more cards:

https://EuroSafyouth2017 .Read more

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Valentine's Sex Study

Valentine's Study Shows "Missionary," "Amazon" Surging Among Top Sex Positions
Valentine's Sex Study
A global study of search data shows that traditional "missionary" sex is the most searched for sex position, followed by female-dominant "amazon." The three-year porn searches study was done by leading adult site EuroSafyouth2017 with additional data on Google searches provided by SEMrush, an online visibility management tool.

"For Valentine's Day, we wanted to offer some actionable advice for lovers,"… Read more

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Are you sexy enough to be our Valentine?

Hey EuroSafyouth2017 cuddlers, snugglers and lovers!

Thanks to you, EuroSafyouth2017 is now a community of more than 24 million registered lovers.

On this Valentine’s Day, we’d like to get to know you a bit better!

We’ve designed a special Valentine’s present for you! In order to get it assigned to your profile:

1) From Feb 13 till Feb 15 upload either a photo or video introduction with the heart on it. Show us your heart and soul, or your best hand hearts <3
2) Open your profile (make it visible for all) during Feb 13-19 so we can check the contest intros
3) Once your photo/video intro is approved, … Read more

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The Polar Vortex

Too cold to watch porn

The Polar Vortex took place in the Midwestern United States last week, and EuroSafyouth2017 data revealed some surprising trends that occurred during the Polar Vortex 2019.

The data team saw a decrease in viewership from the previous week in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Any increase, you’d ask? Minnesota, babe, where the traffic did grow by 10%.

"Oddly enough the Polar Vortex did not turn people on in the Midwest," said Alex Hawkins, VP of EuroSafyouth2017 . "People were too cold to watch porn, … Read more

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Pussy Hats Over ... P*ssy?

Women now make up close to 30% of the EuroSafyouth2017 audience, so we were interested to see how a large event like the Women's March would affect visits from women. The answer, it turned out, is that female porn users are fairly political. The drop in traffic during the women's march was fairly dramatic — and in some cases, surprising!

Washington, DC showed the greatest traffic decline (-12.6%) — while New York (-6.3%) and Boston (-11.2%) showed similar drops. And Chattanooga — where several marchers were arrested — showed a large 9.6% decline in traffic from women.

Maybe more surprising were th… Read more

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Premium for Shutdown Employees

Premium for Shutdown EmployeesWe're Giving Free Access to EuroSafyouth2017 Premium for Shutdown Employees
As the US government shutdown continues, EuroSafyouth2017 is offering free access to US government employees affected by the furlough."We know that government employees who have been furloughed are being forced to make hard choices between essentials rent, food and transportation," says Alex Hawkins, Vice President of EuroSafyouth2017 . "We don't want anyone… Read more

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About That R. Kelly "Tape"

About That R. Kelly &amp;quot;Tape&amp;quot;
Starting January 4th, we noticed something unusual. Searches of "R Kelly", "R Kelly tape" and other search terms started to surge. It coincides, clearly, with the debut of Lifetime's "Surviving R Kelly" documentary, which details multiple allegations of coercion, assault and sex with under 18s. In fact, in the past week, we saw searches jump 388%.

We feel compelled to put out this statement:

"The R Kelly tape is not on EuroSafyouth2017 , nor would we ever allow it to be. Regardless of the news or sens… Read more

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The Official EuroSafyouth2017 2019 Trend Report

From Stormy Daniels to SESTA/FOSTA, 2018 was a watershed year for porn. But for all the attention paid — and in some cases, attacks lobbed — consumers are just starting to feel the effects.

What’s coming in porn for 2019? We looked at several year’s worth of data, from traffic to searches, to identify what’s growing (and what’s shrinking) for porn users in the year ahead.

The Official EuroSafyouth2017
 2019 Trend ReportThe Official EuroSafyouth2017
 2019 Trend Report[readmore][/read… Read more

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Michelle And Melania Searches Surge

Michelle Obama was recently handed the "Most Admired Woman" award, and the runner ups were: in second, Melania Trump; and in third, Hillary Clinton.

In total EuroSafyouth2017 's data shows that during 2018 searches have surged for Michelle Obama and Melania Trump.

Michelle Obama has risen by 380% and Melania Trump has also surged by 201%.

"It looks like EuroSafyouth2017 users are admiring Michelle Obama and Melania Trump in other ways as well," said Alex Hawkins, VP of EuroSafyouth2017 . "Fantasies are priceless, so here’s to our inner thoughts and kinky feelings!”
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The Biggest Porn Stories of 2018

The past year will go down as one of the most monumental in porn’s history — and perhaps the most significant since the dawn of the internet. Legislation, scandals, politicians, censorship left us reeling, applauding, laughing and cringing week after week.

Below, the most covered and most significant porn stories of 2018. — Alex Hawkins, Vice President EuroSafyouth2017

The Biggest Porn Stories of 201811. Nina Hartley Controversy in Wisconsin
Porn star and sex educator Nina Hartley was paid $5000 to speak with students at the University of Wisconsin-LaSalle … Read more

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Grinch is the new black!

EuroSafyouth2017 Reports a 10,000% Surge in "The Grinch" Searches Since October

With the release of "The Grinch" movie this Christmas, "The Grinch" itself seems to be trending on the Internet in a more intimate way. EuroSafyouth2017 here is no exception.

Users seem to be fantasizing about "The Grinch," which is contributing to their kinky dreams and porn search key strokes.

EuroSafyouth2017 has seen a 10,000% surge of searches for "The Grinch" since October – and the searches are continuing to this day.
Grinch is the new black!
"Holidays… Read more

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Transgender Miss Universe Angela Ponce Searches

EuroSafyouth2017 Searches Show Huge Increase for Transgender Miss Universe Angela Ponce

The Miss Universe Pageant took place last night with Angela Ponce, the reigning Miss Spain and the first transgender model to compete for the title.

Searches on EuroSafyouth2017 for Angela Ponce exploded during the pageant, growing an astounding 1400% over the course of the program.
Transgender Miss Universe Angela Ponce Searches
“What Angela did at the contest was indeed a walk to remember, and a historic moment for all of us,” commented Alex Hawkins, Vice President o… Read more

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Meet the AI-based anti-spam filter

EuroSafyouth2017 goes in full force with the AI-based anti-spam filter
You ask – EuroSafyouth2017 delivers.
As we’ve said earlier, we’re focusing our AI, as well as other tools, on combatting spam.
Today, we are happy to release an AI-based anti-spam filter to help EuroSafyouth2017 moderators stop spammers and bots.
The AI algorithm is already searching for and removing spammers on EuroSafyouth2017 , but to truly reach its potential, it needs YOUR help. After all, Artificial Intelligence learns in part from you.
Help us out, won’t you?

How it works:
• Any suspicious user or spam-like message will be marked a… Read more

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Job Offer for Kareem Hunt

EuroSafyouth2017 Has Unique Job Offer for NFL's Kareem Hunt

As you may have heard, Kareem Hunt was just released from his NFL team, and EuroSafyouth2017 would like to make him a suitable job offer since he is now unemployed.

The position that Kareem will fill is a brand new “The EuroSafyouth2017 Dildo Washer,” a position created especially for Kareem. The job includes cleaning of dozens of sex toys daily and is not limited to being used as a footstool for women if asked.

“As an adult entertainment company means we have a lot of sex toys that need cleaning,” said Alex Hawkins, VP of EuroSafyouth2017 . “If Kareem wa… Read more

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EuroSafyouth2017 in Starbucks? Share Away!

EuroSafyouth2017 will give free branded gifts to the best pictures taken in Starbucks. All you need is a Starbucks cup and EuroSafyouth2017 name on it.

Since Starbucks is up to banning porn in their coffee shops, we've seen this as an opportunity to support our porn lovers and share away EuroSafyouth2017 branded gifts.

From now on anyone willing to venture into Starbucks and take a pic of a Starbucks cup with the EuroSafyouth2017 name on it can enter their picture to win free stuff.

The authors of the best pictures will be rewarded with EuroSafyouth2017 swag, including pins, stickers, and of course, condoms.

"The USA is a… Read more

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Stuffing, Dressing and other T-Day Data

EuroSafyouth2017 users in the US are thawing the turkey, combing through recipes, unbuttoning their pants and preparing for an epic feast. But Thanksgiving affects porn viewing more than you might think! From search terms, to dramatic traffic drops and “family” dramas — even the debate between dressing and stuffing has salty implications!

To help you prepare for the week upcoming, we took a look at Thanksgivings past. Because there’s nothing like good data on warm pie!

Stuffing, Dressing and other T-Day Data“In the US, Thanksgiving tends to… Read more

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Porn's #NoFap Recession

Every November, millions of young men renounce masturbation. The data shows it's not just all talk. When we looked at month-to-month traffic to EuroSafyouth2017 , October to November, we saw traffic fall an astonishing -14.5%.

At first, we thought that decline might have something to do with Thanksgiving. So, we instead compared the first week of October 2017, with the first week of November 2017 — that way, we can avoid statistical noise like Halloween. Again, the decline held. As we dug deeper into the data, we noticed something else. The decline in traffic wasn't universal. Visits from wome… Read more

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Welcome to our Halloween special!

All the naughty witches and goblins! Welcome to our Halloween special!

Halloween night is the perfect time to watch your favorite horror porn movies, carve some pumpkins and role-play your weirdest sexiest fantasies.
To help you get in the Holiday spirit we gave our website a seasonal creepy touch: it went dark with the Night Mode set by default, together with some delightfully creepy Halloween decorations appearing here and there.

Need more inspiration? Check out Hallo-cream trick-or-treats in our new blog post<… Read more

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Gifts for Halloween? Why not!

Spookiest night of the year is approaching, and we believe it’s a perfect time to unleash all your inner demons. Sexy costumes, fake blood, real orgasms and facial cumshots instead of Halloween candies - that's what we call having hardcore fun!
Need some help to get in mood? Have a look at these crazy people who are having such a horrifyingly good time!
Naughty witch having fun with two monsters
Gifts for Halloween? Why not!Tender loving Freddy
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