Meet the AI-based anti-spam filter

EuroSafyouth2017 goes in full force with the AI-based anti-spam filter
You ask – EuroSafyouth2017 delivers.
As we’ve said earlier, we’re focusing our AI, as well as other tools, on combatting spam.
Today, we are happy to release an AI-based anti-spam filter to help EuroSafyouth2017 moderators stop spammers and bots.
The AI algorithm is already searching for and removing spammers on EuroSafyouth2017 , but to truly reach its potential, it needs YOUR help. After all, Artificial Intelligence learns in part from you.
Help us out, won’t you?

How it works:
• Any suspicious user or spam-like message will be marked a… Read more

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Job Offer for Kareem Hunt

EuroSafyouth2017 Has Unique Job Offer for NFL's Kareem Hunt

As you may have heard, Kareem Hunt was just released from his NFL team, and EuroSafyouth2017 would like to make him a suitable job offer since he is now unemployed.

The position that Kareem will fill is a brand new “The EuroSafyouth2017 Dildo Washer,” a position created especially for Kareem. The job includes cleaning of dozens of sex toys daily and is not limited to being used as a footstool for women if asked.

“As an adult entertainment company means we have a lot of sex toys that need cleaning,” said Alex Hawkins, VP of EuroSafyouth2017 . “If Kareem wa… Read more

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EuroSafyouth2017 in Starbucks? Share Away!

EuroSafyouth2017 will give free branded gifts to the best pictures taken in Starbucks. All you need is a Starbucks cup and EuroSafyouth2017 name on it.

Since Starbucks is up to banning porn in their coffee shops, we've seen this as an opportunity to support our porn lovers and share away EuroSafyouth2017 branded gifts.

From now on anyone willing to venture into Starbucks and take a pic of a Starbucks cup with the EuroSafyouth2017 name on it can enter their picture to win free stuff.

The authors of the best pictures will be rewarded with EuroSafyouth2017 swag, including pins, stickers, and of course, condoms.

"The USA is a… Read more

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Stuffing, Dressing and other T-Day Data

EuroSafyouth2017 users in the US are thawing the turkey, combing through recipes, unbuttoning their pants and preparing for an epic feast. But Thanksgiving affects porn viewing more than you might think! From search terms, to dramatic traffic drops and “family” dramas — even the debate between dressing and stuffing has salty implications!

To help you prepare for the week upcoming, we took a look at Thanksgivings past. Because there’s nothing like good data on warm pie!

Stuffing, Dressing and other T-Day Data“In the US, Thanksgiving tends to… Read more

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Porn's #NoFap Recession

Every November, millions of young men renounce masturbation. The data shows it's not just all talk. When we looked at month-to-month traffic to EuroSafyouth2017 , October to November, we saw traffic fall an astonishing -14.5%.

At first, we thought that decline might have something to do with Thanksgiving. So, we instead compared the first week of October 2017, with the first week of November 2017 — that way, we can avoid statistical noise like Halloween. Again, the decline held. As we dug deeper into the data, we noticed something else. The decline in traffic wasn't universal. Visits from wome… Read more

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Welcome to our Halloween special!

All the naughty witches and goblins! Welcome to our Halloween special!

Halloween night is the perfect time to watch your favorite horror porn movies, carve some pumpkins and role-play your weirdest sexiest fantasies.
To help you get in the Holiday spirit we gave our website a seasonal creepy touch: it went dark with the Night Mode set by default, together with some delightfully creepy Halloween decorations appearing here and there.

Need more inspiration? Check out Hallo-cream trick-or-treats in our new blog post<… Read more

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Gifts for Halloween? Why not!

Spookiest night of the year is approaching, and we believe it’s a perfect time to unleash all your inner demons. Sexy costumes, fake blood, real orgasms and facial cumshots instead of Halloween candies - that's what we call having hardcore fun!
Need some help to get in mood? Have a look at these crazy people who are having such a horrifyingly good time!
Naughty witch having fun with two monsters
Gifts for Halloween? Why not!Tender loving Freddy
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Introducing your hottest porn crushes

Woohoo, we’ve finally got them all now!
Famous, sexy and naked – the most searched celebrities, porn stars and amateurs are finally on EuroSafyouth2017 !
Introducing your hottest porn crushesAll performers are now classified as Pornstars, Celebrities and Amateurs with the convenient option to sort them by country of origin and category.
Come in and enjoy! The pleasure is all yours!
Missing someone in particular? Let us know whom we should add!
Introducing your hottest porn crushesAlways yours… Read more

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EuroSafyouth2017 aims to advance the movement for equality. In honor of National Coming Out Day, here are some inspiring stories of iconic people challenging boundaries and stereotypes.

Hanne Gaby Odiele
This fearless fashion star gave voice to something she’d always been told to hide and revealed she is an intersex in an interview with USA TODAY .

Being intersex has given her a forward-thinking perspective on fashion and even helped to create a new style, which Odiele called “just being myself; no rules”.

Now the model is working hard on creating a world where others can be proud of … Read more

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We’re thrilled to announce that EuroSafyouth2017 ’s first EuroSafyouth2017 ’s Porn for Women Award goes to Kay Brandt, for the Adventures with the Baumgartners trailer.

Despite just submitting a trailer, Kay won over the judges with her production and sensitivity to the script.

“Kay has a clear command of her audience,” said Lynx Caballero, co-founder of the EuroSafyouth2017 Porn for Women Fund. “We’re happy to be able to reward her for her work, and hopefully encourage more.”

The competition itself was incredibly close. While Kay Brandt edged… Read more

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018

EuroSafyouth2017 teams up with Pineapple Support to raise awareness on breast cancer.

OK, let’s admit it: we're born to like boobies! Whether big or small, we love them all. And for us “perfect boobs” equals to “healthy boobs”.

Did you know that currently there are only 30% of ladies worldwide who are satisfied with their breasts?
Breast augmentation or reduction, breast lifts, padding, sexy bras - our society is obsessed with "perfect boobs".

Traditionally, at the beginning of October EuroSafyouth2017 highlights the importance of breast self-examination (BSA), related researches and campaigns.

Read more

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Meet The EuroSafyouth2017 for Women Finalists!

Meet The EuroSafyouth2017
 for Women Finalists!

When we announced the launch of our Porn for Women grant program back in August, we had a tremendous response from women who were already working in the porn industry. Many were accomplished directors and producers, who were interested in finding ways to make porn specifically for women.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that these women were the first to dive in, submitting scenes, clips and trailers for consideration.

Our first request, directed to women producers and directors, was broad: show us something that turns you and other … Read more

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“A New Series for the Paysite” Сontest: Winners

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the contest!
You all are awe-inspiring and many of the entries knocked our socks off (pun intended).

Drum roll... The winners are:
• Build-a-Bang Workshop
• Cyberpunk porn series: Brothel with Sex Robots in a Cyberpunk World
• “Private Dick” film noir thriller series with a light touch of comedy

We’ll be in touch with the authors shortly after - their straight-up crazy creative will surely be rewarded!
Stay tuned! Inspired by such activity, we will never stop challenging your creative muscles!
Who knows, the ne… Read more

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Celebrating diversity at EuroSafyouth2017

EuroSafyouth2017 hastens its pace towards creating the diversified and respectful community.

Are you heterosexual? Or homosexual? Probably you are bisexual or heteroflexible? Or homoflexible? Pansexual? Asexual?
Celebrating diversity at EuroSafyouth2017
Even if you are not sure how you would like to identify yourself now, we give you the choice. Choose among new orientations and gender options - Male, Female, Transgender MtF, Transgender FtM, Genderqueer, and Intersex.

We’ve also updated the Sign-up form - get fully self-expressed both IRL a… Read more

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Channels: refreshed look, enhanced features

Channels: refreshed look, enhanced featuresWe keep on working hard to improve your intimate experience on EuroSafyouth2017 .

This time EuroSafyouth2017 fine-tuned the Channels with the set of expanded features:
Channels: refreshed look, enhanced features- recent news from your kinky producers
- top selection of t… Read more

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EuroSafyouth2017 Maps Times Square, 1977

Welcome to the EuroSafyouth2017 Guide The Legendary Porn Theaters of 1977 Times Square!

At EuroSafyouth2017 , we’re proud of our porn heritage, and in honor of the premiere of the second season of HBO's The Deuce, we’ve mapped out a virtual Times Square, showing porn landmarks like Show World, The Adonis, and the New Mature (yes, in the olden days, you actually had to go into theater to see Nympho MILFS 23, and risk getting raided at that!).
 Maps Times Square, 1977

<… Read more

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Introducing the updated Pornstars List

You asked? We delivered!

Meet the updated Pornstars list – the one you’ve been waiting for so long
Introducing the updated Pornstars ListSounds delicious? Check up the new revamped look:

- Refreshed profiles and extended pornstars list

- Pornstars rating for you to track the top on the website

- The option to search pornstars & solo models by country of origin and category

- Pornstars related to each of the categories

Introducing the updated Pornstars ListSubscribe to follow the latest updaRead more

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Women Porn Visits Soar,But Few Films Cater to Them

Women Porn Visits Soar,But Few Films Cater to Them

Women are now responsible for 20.9% of pageviews on EuroSafyouth2017 , a growth of 25.1% in just twenty months. (Women make up 27% of unique visitors.)

Study: Women Surging As Percent of Porn Fans, But Few Films Cater to Them

Women have surged as a percentage of the porn audience in the past two years, growing an astounding +25.1% worldwide and +24.2% in the United States. But the content they look for most intensely is largely underproduced, according to a new study by EuroSafyouth2017 . The study was conducted to h… Read more

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Porn Therapy for SAD people

Remember that feeling when summer is over and life naturally slows down? And while it's totally normal to become a little sluggish or melancholic, some people get really depressed.

Sadness, an inability to get out of bed, “life is worthless” thoughts - these symptoms might start innocently enough. But then depression is creeping into your bedroom…

Have you ever experienced sexual desire fading away? When it gets darker outside the window in fall, things get trickier in bed.

If you know firsthand the heaviness of Seasonal Affective Disorder, EuroSafyouth2017 is here to help you out!

It’s scientif… Read more

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