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My Best Mate

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I had a date lined up in the city with this guy I met off Tinder. He was Brazilian, a bit older than me, but seemed like a nice guy from the chats that we had had. We arranged to go out for dinner and I picked him up from his apartment at 7 pm. I took him to this really nice Italian restaurant just on the other side of the river. The conversation started out alright, but quickly got boring. He was a nice guy, but I didn’t really see it going anywhere. We eventually made it back to his place. He really seemed into me though and wanted me to come up to his apartment. Even though I knew there wou… Read more

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My Last Night In Scotland

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It was a cold blustery evening in remote Inverness, the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands. It was my last night here before moving on and I’d just finished eating dinner at a local pub. I figured that as this would be my last night in Scotland, I wanted something to remember it by, and what better way than with a traditional Scottish kilt and I certainly didn’t have trouble finding a shop. Basically, every second shop along the main street sold every manner of Scottish souvenirs and clothing. I chose one of the larger shops I knew to be just around the corner from where I was staying… Read more

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The Cabbie and I

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I am going to take a break from the true stories about fucking my mother in law and the men and women in her retirement apartment building. This story is a true gay sex story about me and a cab driver, or cabbie. I met the cabbie several years ago at the adult book store I mentioned in a previous story that had the rooms with the futons. When we met we were both there individually and started talking in the corridor until we decided to get a futon room together. When we first went into the futon room he told me he has a rule. He said I can fuck him if I want to but if I do I am required to l… Read more

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Wedding weekend surprise

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It had been a long week, and I had at least an eleven hour drive to get to my friend’s wedding. There was no way to cover the distance in a day after work, so I took Friday off to drive half way on a Thursday afternoon. I was really looking forward to relaxing alone on the way to the hotel. I’ve been jacking off in my car a lot lately on the road, so I had a plan: watch videos and edge while driving to get at least one cum in. Then, I planned to pop a few Viagra about an hour before arriving at the hotel. Possibly hit a video booth, but regardless, I was going to enjoy a lengthy session or two… Read more

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First holiday with Anna

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Our first holiday abroad on our own had been booked to Spain for not long after my Girlfriend's 18th Birthday. I couldnt wait to have her alone in the sun for two weeks on our own. We still both lived with our parents so getting a place to ourselves wasnt always easy. To be fair to her she was very resourceful in making sure I was kept satisfied! Anna and I had started to push the boundries sexually and she had been very open about the fact she would be happy to try pretty much anything I wanted. However my thoughts when we went on holiday were pretty much just being thrilled that i'd be able… Read more

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My Anonymous Friend Part 2


I was a bit disappointed that Alison had to leave but it was her lunchbreak and I certainly didn’t want to get her in trouble and although she didn’t give me her number she could get mine plus she knew where I lived so hopefully a continuation won’t be far away. I was convinced that she was the girl sucking me off yesterday, too many similarities and it then got me thinking how often she went in those toilets, I was guessing that she went to the local school and her expertise told me I wasn’t the first cock she had sucked. Was it all a coincidence seeing her again today? Was she secretly stalk… Read more

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Encounter with a school teacher...


I am a 24-year-old boy who recently finished my bachelors and reside in Mumbai. My height is 160cm and have a well built physique with brown skin tone. I am not a person who fucks around much. I have always had more attraction towards all (mature ladies, girls of my age) and have crushes on many aunties and girls. So one day at around 3 pm, I was at home updating the Facebook status of my graduation and joining a company as an intern. Many of my friends and relatives liked and commented on my status and I was just replying to all of them back. I logged in again at 11 pm to check my notificati… Read more

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Sissies owner p3

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Daddy told cyntia to wait in the car He needed to unload and i was going to learn how he liked to **** his sissy daughter He locked the restroom door pushing me back in when i tried to leave and throw me on the toilet seat bend over ''you are just a fucking slut now, you never gonna be a boy again '' unlocking my chastity belt , my toy plug buzzing removed and pushed in my mouth, locked the straps on my head , gagged and ass up he fucked me like a wore hard and fast making me squeal on the toilet his fat cock stretching me calling me a slut a wore a cumdump for real man and he cum all… Read more

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Ex GF Deepthroats


I was at a Friday night party by myself. My girlfriend Jessica was at her apartment studying. She had a finals test coming up and she wanted to spend the whole weekend preparing. I felt lonely just standing there by myself. I looked over at the front door just then and my ex-girlfriend Emily walked in. I left Emily for Jessica a few months ago. It was basically a sex only relationship between Emily and myself and I wanted something more. As soon as Emily saw me, she made a beeline right towards me. "Where is your new girlfriend, Justin?" She asked me. "Home studying," I told her. "So you… Read more

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Epilogue to "Linda's "Short" S


Some of the things that are mentioned in the story bear explanation, or clarification. To begin, pictures of her, at the times, are shown in the Gallery, "Getting Her Fuzzy Split, Yet, Again." Picture 1 was taken by Quinn, and 9 was taken in VungTau, at our first house. There was NOTHING under the dress but HER, and picture 8 was taken a few days after we returned from Germany, by the landlord's son. She worked as a "whore" for 24 days, in the "Steam and Cream." HER WORDS! I know some will call that "splitting hairs," but she was known as a Hostess, and/or a Call Girl in her time at the hot… Read more

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Ex GF I said I just found Someone

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For the past 2 years me and my ex-girlfriend, Liz, have met up for casual sex. There has been no commitments but the sex has been outstanding. Because we know there isn't any chance of us getting back together it has enhanced what we have done let us go just wild on each other. Ass slapping, face fucking, tying each other up, anal sex, creampie, cum swapping...pretty much anything you could do with two people. As we laid in bed after sex one afternoon the conversation about sexual fantasies came up. It quickly shifted to bringing another partner into the bed with us. "It couldn't be anyone… Read more

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Long forgotten Love

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Angelo was born in the phillipines at a young age he knew he was supposed to be a girl. His mother worked as a whore to the sailors who made port. Hence he was a product of his mother’s career choice. He never knew his father, not even his name. Angelo was his mother’s only c***d since she got her tubes tied after having him. Years later she was still a whore. Angelo pretty much raised himself. His mother walked around their house completely naked, American and Canadian soldiers would walk In and fuck her all day and night. He would hear her moaning and sometimes crying through the night.… Read more

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Cuckold expirience


First of all I have to apologise to all people reading this, because English is not my native language. So, sorry for missing letters, wrong spellings and shitty grammar. I hope that you will enjoy this story since it is a true story and still in development... We are married couple in our late 20s, early 30s. We are from one shitty godforsaken eastern european country and about two years ago my wife found one job in one not so shitty european country(Switzerland). So we have agreed that she would go there for work and try to make things possible for my arrival too. So she did. My wife is on… Read more

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Casual Friday

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Friday morning. The alarm of the cheap bedside clock rudely awakens me from my slumber. I fumble around and silence it through sleep encrusted eyes, rolling back over and sighing as my sight tries to focus around the room. I depart the warmth of the bed, making my way to the bathroom to perform my morning ablutions, making myself presentable for the working day ahead. As I feel invigorated by the pressure of the shower, I am reminded that it is 'Casual Friday' in the office. For the guys in the office, it means no ties and suits; for the girls, it becomes more like a high fashion runway photo… Read more

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Tequila & Ashley - First Time With BFF

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I was so drunk it took me a minute to realize that it was actually Ashley between my legs with my clit between her lips. I was already moaning openly, humping into her mouth as she ate me hungrily. I kept seeing Andrew's face in my mind and couldn't decide if he'd be pissed off or turned on by it. But, it felt so good I didn't want to stop her. Truth is, I'd fantasized about this before but never thought she'd go for it. And, I absolutely loved how her mouth felt on my vagina, though I couldn't remember how it started. Our hus… Read more

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First Time High School Senior (Part 4)

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My last real life story ended with Roy being the "boss" in his basement. His parents went to the shore and his sister was at a friends house for a sleep over. Roy took control of the situation and received a sloppy wet deep throat blowjob, made me get on all fours as he gaped my asshole and fingered it. He finished by standing up next to his bookshelf and cumming on my used up face. He was the boss, he was in control, and he had planned out this whole night in detail. After finishing in my face and me thanking him for cumming on my face. I told him I needed to clean up. He had a hand cloth on… Read more

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Match Up


Match Up George would not impress you as the kind of man who would be successful hooking up at cruising spots. His looks don’t exactly make him a model for Advocate or any of the other gay mags focusing on youth and looks. His look was more of what you would expect from a middle aged trucker, someone who spent hours behind the wheel and ate in the truck stops and paid the price for it. When I met him it was probably unlikely that we would have hooked up but it did happen. I am glad it did. Late one afternoon I swung by a local older truck stop to dash in for a drink and gas up. As usual the… Read more

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Nightly Ritual

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Nightly Ritual For many years, from the mid 1970’s through mid 1990’s I was partnered with a great man, a massive bear of a guy who was the center of my world. Irv was 6’3”, usually weighed in at about 270 or more, big hands, big feet, big everything and a very energetic, strong total top of a man. The thought of me trying to reverse rolls on him never came up. He was the perfect match to my natural bottom nature and physique and I could handle his size and strength as well as his kinky imagination. Life has not been the same since I lost him in 2003 and I have yet to find anyone who could fi… Read more

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Filling the Age gap

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A tale of a lusty young man and the frustrated middle age wife of the local shopkeeper. It was late August and the cooler air was a reminder that autumn was just round the corner. I was 18 and would soon to be heading off to start a new chapter in my life at Uni. On my way home from playing football I popped into the village shop for a cold drink. It was run by a middle-aged couple Frank and Pam. I knew them well as I had previously done a paper round for them. As usual Pam was serving at the counter. ‘Hi Bill I’m glad you’ve called by, I was going to ring you. Frank has been called awa… Read more

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Linda's "Short Story" Part 2

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While Dim was one of the "shortest" partners she had been with, he was FAR from THE shortest. There were others that "surpassed Dim by quite a bit. Shortly after arriving in Vung Tau, Linda was employed as a masseuse in a "Steam and Cream" massage parlor. It DID have a steam room, although it was hardly used. Most of the patrons were there simply for a "massage" with a happy ending. Most of the girls there were either too old to get jobs elsewhere, or, like Linda, just starting in the "business," and unaware there were much better opportunities elsewhere. She would only stay there for 3 weeks… Read more

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