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First Time ----1

First TimeGay Male

So, we were ½ way thru with cleaning the theater. Movie must have sucked because it wasn't very cluttered or dirty. Bill, my boss suggested an extra break. It was Spring Break at my High School. Easter weekend then a whole week off school, my parents and 2 little sisters went to my grandparents for good Friday, and weren't due back till Tuesday or Wednesday Bill was about 30, a little over 6’, maybe 180lbs. I was 18, 5'9”, skinny, long dark red hair pulled back in a pony tail. We started together about 6 months ago. The theater had just reopened after being closed for a couple years, was a… Read more

Posted by Foster1955 17 minutes ago 65

In the beginning


This takes me way back to my early teenage years. I was one boy who was the youngest and I had 3 sisters. And with all those sexy undies about the house, what chance did it give me of ignoring it and not having the urge to try on bits. And one really rainy wet Sunday we were all bored, and it was Mums fault. ‘She told us to go play or dress up or something like that. my sisters took it literally and spent time dressing me up and using make up etc. I would be mid teens. But I agreed because I got to wear lingerie which I loved and got the odd groove from my sisters. And this is where my love o… Read more

Posted by gencpl 17 minutes ago 59

A boy’s lusty start.

First TimeGay Male

I was very young, but had already begun to touch, pleasure and explore my smooth body. Late at night, thoughts of sex consumed me. Lying there, naked in my bed, my hands would run up and down my body, imagining it was the hands of an experienced older man. My cock hard and throbbing, leaking a stream of clear, sticky pre cum, I would gently touch my tight asshole, wishing it was him caressing me. I would fantasize about having him suck me, his masculine nude body pressed against me. How I wondered what it would be like to tou… Read more

Posted by PaulMayer00 17 minutes ago 36

True & Taboo Teens

Lesbian SexFirst TimeTaboo

So I’ve always wanted to share this but never had an idea where to start. I still think about it to this day and it still makes my pussy wet. I’ll give you a little background information. It was a long time ago, 15+ years and I’m 24 now so you can do the math. Message me if you want any specific details lol. My cousin was visiting from another country and we are the same age. She has always been skinny and I’ve always been chubby. I don’t know why but we have always been crazy attracted to each other even though we were so young. Anyway, she stayed the summer with my family and we spent lo… Read more

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True & Taboo Teens

First TimeTabooLesbian Sex

So I’ve always wanted to share this but never had an idea where to start. I still think about it to this day and it still makes my pussy wet. I’ll give you a little background information. It was a long time ago, 15+ years and I’m 24 now so you can do the math. Message me if you want any specific details lol. My cousin was visiting from another country and we are the same age. She has always been skinny and I’ve always been chubby. I don’t know why but we have always been crazy attracted to each other even though we were so young. Anyway, she stayed the summer with my family and we spent lo… Read more

Posted by juicyjugsjasmine 1 hour ago 2 160 100%

Truckstop Threesome

Group SexInterracial Sex

It had been a long day of driving, and we were ready to rest. Myself, my wife Melissa, and her friend Camryn. I'm a truck driver, crossing the country in my rolling office, going from one stop to the next, hauling various loads of products from one place in the country to the next. Most times my wife rides along with me in the truck, but for those times she doesn't, I'm glad she has friends to be with to help her get through until I get home. I got a call one day while I was out on the road from Melissa telling me about a new friend she had made, her name was Camryn. Melissa found out that t… Read more

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First TimeShemale PornFetish

It was a rare late September New England thunderstorm that had Jan had my cute young blonde haired blue eyed Sweedish newpaper deliveryboy standing at the top of my back steps like a drowned rat as I opened my outside storm door. Being a Thursday evening when Jan always combined his daily paper delivery with his weekly collection, I wasted little time inviting him inside while quickly running to fetch a fair sized bath towel. With the latest downpour showing little signs of letting up, I put water on the stove for a hot chocolate while watching him quickkly toweling off his face and somewhat… Read more

Posted by cddixie 2 hours ago 1 456 100%

Teen BOY and Wrinkled old WOMAN

MatureTabooFirst Time

<b style="font-size: 16px; background-color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">My name is Brad and I have been fucking Felicia here at for years now, I even fuck her sister too! I told her a story of the first granny I ever fucked and she said I should write it down and post it here, so here it is! I was in high school and wasn't even old enough to get a drivers license yet, so to earn money, I cut grass and did yard work around my neighborhood. I had about 10 customers and one of them was this really old woman who was widowed and she apparently had a very rich husband at one time because sh… Read more

Posted by GangBangGranny 2 hours ago 635 100%

greedy girls night [shirley confesses all]

Interracial SexHardcoreVoyeur

After a light meal we all watched TV then about 8.30 Shirl said she was going up to bed to catch up on her sleep if we were all off to the beach tomorrow but to wake her when i went up. anxious to know what she had to tell me i kissed our friends nite nite & went up to bed. I pulled back the sheet to gaze at my wifes tanned sexy marked body , as she roused feeling me beside her she pulled me down onto me, squeezing my hardening cock & kissing me hard & long.then telling to just lie back & listen she would tell me all. Her Account. Brad was very gentlemanly & protective of… Read more

Posted by bluegrassboy 2 hours ago 202



Hello, today rainy and with nothing to do, well I write this to accumulate all those things that I think and things that are happening and all those questions without answers that my head asks and sometimes has no answers or has many and He doesn't know which one is right and I thought that writing I might find some. First and foremost, what is life? According to my point of view, life is a mirror and what is behind the mirror or within it or as it is best understood, are souls in which we reflect, there is even good, but I wonder if those souls in the which do we reflect or see each other, ar… Read more

Posted by mercysexxx 10 hours ago 423

Hand Job and BUTT BOY

First TimeAnalTaboo

Hand Job and BUTT BOY I was really young, I mean HAIRLESS young, and hadn't ever even seen a naked grown man before! I had fantasized like most young boys about different things, but I really hadn't decided what I liked sexually just yet. I of course did my own little jerk offs here and there but I was too young to cum and too young to even REALLY have a good orgasm yet, no matter how much I played with my own little dick, but I liked doing it and especially when mom would make me take a bath and I would let the warm water go over my hairless cock and even on my asshole. One day, I was… Read more

Posted by bifun4u 10 hours ago 3 1,488 89%

Sucking Uncles DICK at the Drive in

First TimeTabooAnal

When I was young, most everybody went to drive in movies in their cars. I loved going and you could get in for just a dollar and lots of couples would go to make out, etc. I was too young to drive and after making many trips with my parents there, one day, my uncle Bill was at the house and wanted to see some movie that was playing at a local drive-in. He started to leave but had to make a call to his girlfriend who then told him she couldn't go, so he asked me if I wanted to go with him. I asked my parents and they said it was fine and my dad gave me a dollar to buy pop corn and stuff during… Read more

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First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

The HIGH SCHOOL VIRGIN WHORE I have always thought about sex since I was a young girl and figured out that if I played with my pussy, it felt good. I would fantasize about what sex would feel like and I used my fingers to rub myself at night and more than a few times, used my hair brush handle in my butt and even put my toothbrush handle in my pussy some. I did this for a few years on and off and one day, just a year before I started high school, I met this boy and he and I would kiss behind my house and I would let him touch me between the legs and stuff like that. He was my lover, at least… Read more

Posted by funnsun2 11 hours ago 1,319 100%

My wife’s gangbang

Group SexMatureHardcore

Well, Julie & I regularly attended swinging/swapping parties at our neighbours, Steve & Emma, and were becoming more and more sexually liberated. It had really spiced up our own lovemaking and we were more open in sharing, exploring and acting out our fantasies. We set a few rules: always safe sex, no anal, no pain and no sex without each other present. I’d actually become comfortable with seeing Julie with other guys. One day, while in the kitchen ironing, Julie confessed that she wanted to get fucked by 3 or 4 guys at once. The idea turned me on too and we ended up fucking there and… Read more

Posted by James49mk 11 hours ago 1,433 100%

The reason my sexy wife was so horny last night


I came that evening from my office, finding my sweet wife seemed to be extremely horny at home. She was wearing yoga pants as she cooked dinner; but she had also put on a pair of high heeled sexy sandals. As we watched TV before bed, Ana really showed me she was turned on. I stood behind her and kissed her neck, caressing her soft hips. Anita took her tight yoga pants off and I found she was not wearing a thong. I saw the crotch of those yoga pants was stained with her own juices. She was very wet. While I kept kissing her neck and fondling her tits under her shirt, Ana spread a bit more he… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 12 hours ago 2,882 91%

A relaxing surprise inside the elevator


I arrived our building very tired on that Friday evening. I just wanted to get home, strip and get a warm relaxing shower. My sexy wife was waiting for me with dinner ready and I was sure later she would like to have sex…And I was so tired… I entered the lobby and waited patiently for the elevator as it came down. As the doors opened wide, I found a nice welcoming surprise there inside. Our neighbor from the tenth floor was there, changing her conservative clothing, to a real very sexy outfit. Every time we crossed our paths, she looked like a real virgin; now I saw a perfect sexy bitch just… Read more

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Honey Moon Tour

First TimeVoyeurFetish

Arjun lay stretched on the sofa of the hotel room where he was to spend the night with his newly wedded wife. Though they were middle class his father-in-law, as per custom, provided a room in a five star hotel for his daughter's nuptials. Arjun's wife, the dainty Minita, had locked herself in the bathroom for a bath and a change. He needed a bath too for the day was hot, and the line at the reception long. His legs were stiff, his arms sore, and his facial muscles taut from forced smiling. Arjun, in his visits to her home during the engagement found her a very quiet girl, almost timid. He d… Read more

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My sexy wife trying the biggest dildo ever


Anita had asked me to purchase a new dildo for our naughty foreplays on bed. She said the bigger would be the better. I went to a sex store and chose a tremendously large toy, but it also was a special model that felt extremely realistic. The truth about this toy is that it was actually too thick for Anita’s cunt to accommodate entirely. But, however, she still had some incredible, shaking orgasms on it… This monster thing measured thirteen inches’ long from tip to base; but what was truly impressive was its girth; it went from two inches at the tip, to four inches at the base, the widest poi… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 13 hours ago 803 100%

The horny old Melissa


Melissa who's old enough to be my mother, I always thought she was an austere lady, evaluating by the non-pornographic sites she attends. I thought she was a woman of the kind who goes to church, and about sex she would be a lady who only fucks with her husband but with lights off and dressing her blue sleeping shirt up to her feet. In fact, Melissa was exactly the opposite of all of these pubic woman conjectures, and I found that in a curious way. I was working as a plumber when I was called to a villa, to repair a break on a faucet in the bathroom. A bathtub faucet to be precise. I ring the… Read more

Posted by charltonck 13 hours ago 1,599 100%

Double fisted


So i was a school teacher in a way west town in QLD Australia. . Just out of uni and not knowing what the fuck i was doing way out west. I mean WAY out west...cowboys and farmers was kind of it.... Me ...I was this seriously built Surfey kind of guy. on my first teaching job ...a fish out of water in the local community but it was a catholic school so i kept my d**g laden lifestyle to a minimum in the town. I was teaching " art" at this convent school ...all good. But as soon as i worked back after school i had visitors from the convent. Students just happened to drop in and say hello. There… Read more

Posted by bluesbarn1 13 hours ago 604 100%
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