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— A daughter comforts her troubled father

HardcoreFirst Time

"Oh go fuck yourself," I heard Dad shout and the front door slammed. I sobbed in my room, the row had lasted for a good hour and was just the latest in many since Christmas. My tears splattered my books. I was trying to revise for exams and couldn't because of the upheaval in the family. I heard footsteps on the path and looked out of the window. Mum was marching off down the street, her head high and arms swinging, but I knew she was hurting inside. She had told me countless times, that she wanted her own space, but couldn't find the way to tell Dad. Why she told me I don't know, but being… Read more

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Dress up and go out

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Yesterday (20 September 2018), I did something that I've been nervous to do for the better part of 5 years. I've been crossdressing for a while now.. Maybe since 2011.. Not always as extreme. Its been a fun and topsy-turvy journey till now. Yesterday, yesterday i took a big step forward, in my opinion. So my campus is on a mid-semester break for the week 17/09 to 23/09. During this break, i was required to go to campus to collect some test scores. I was all set in the morning of the 21/09 to leave to campus. Got dressed and threw some pens into my bag. The plan was to drop my sister off at wo… Read more

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Strange Occupations

TabooVoyeurFirst Time

I am installing one of our company’s systems at a customer’s location in a city that you, my lovely daughter, had moved to for a new job several months back. I had met up with you last night, and we had gone out for dinner and a few drinks. Although we had done this daddy/daughter dinner thing a few times in the past when I had travelled here, something was a little different last night that I couldn’t put my finger on. One thing that I do know, you were dressed sexier than usual, wearing a somewhat low cut button down blouse that showed off your lovely cleavage nicely and a rather short skirt… Read more

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Held down and i watched?

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Dawn and I were on holiday and we were having the time of our lives until this one night! we had been out in a local bar and we were having a drink and dance, Dawn had this short skirt on and was sometimes showing what she had on or not in her case. I told her to stop it cos some people will not like what you are doing, her reply its my holiday and I am letting my hair down, Ok but calm down a little. I sat down whilst Dawn wen… Read more

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Gonna need another camera for this one hubby

AnalFirst TimeGroup Sex

"Honey," my wife called from the computer room. "I think you're gonna want to buy another camera, some lights and a few extra memory cards for this one!" "Really? I said when I got into the room where she was on the computer with her hand on her clit, "Why?" As we moved to the bed to watch from there she explained "Remember that personal ad we posted online s little while ago when I wanted my first black cock?" "Do I, not only was the ad hot, but th… Read more

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My EuroSafyouth2017 Journey: Chapter 2

Gay MaleMasturbationFirst Time

For nearly a month after my first meeting with Nick, my interests reverted exclusively to the heterosexual variety. My appetite for cock had diminished so completely that I considered the possibility that my experimentation with Nick—despite its humiliating inadequacies—had somehow satisfied my curiosity once and for all. Or perhaps I was unwittingly overcompensating for my feelings of shame by repressing those urges. Or maybe it was just some kind of sensory overload that gave me an unusually long refractory period. Who really knows? It didn’t last that long anyway. After watching enough bea… Read more

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The motherfuckers Part 2

First TimeTabooHardcore

Carole put on a t-bone steak for her 18 year old son and made herself a piece of halibut. As she sat across from her son, she watched the teenager devour the large piece of red meat. Yes, he is certainly a red blooded young man... Look at that boy tear into that piece of meat! I hope he tears into his horny mommy like that! Her mind started to wander. "MMMM!! Eat all that protein, darling! Make lots and lots of tiny little sperm for your horny mommy!!!" Carole was getting so turned on watching her son finish his dinner she couldn't stand it any longer. "Darling, will you be a sweetheart a… Read more

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The motherfuckers Part 1

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

It had taken Carole Baker quite a bit of mental gymnastics to get to this step. It seemed that lately a lot of things were happening in her life since the divorce. The blonde mother of a teenage boy had finally jettisoned her abusive husband and had decided that the best way to get totally away from him was to sell the house and move out of town. She was starting over in a new city, as far away from that fucking bastard as possible. Thinking back she wasn't quite sure how she and her 18 year old son ended up buying a house in Bellview, a middle size town near the California coast. Since the… Read more

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Forced to suck a dick in front of GF

First TimeFetishGay Male

This is a true story. My name is Kyle. I'm 23 years old and was dating a 19 year old named Sabrina. We were walking in my neighborhood when out of nowhere a car that was driving by stopped, parked, and the driver got out. It was a guy I knew named Dylan that I had talked some shit to online a few months earlier. I thought nothing of it but he immediately punched me right in my jaw and dropped me, I was seeing stars a little bit, & then as fast as he hit me, he grabbed me by my hair and told me if i didn't kiss the bottom of his shoe and say how sorry I was for what I said about him, that h… Read more

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Asian Massage Parlor Experiences

MatureTabooFirst Time

Since learning about Asian Massage Parlors, i became very curious. The first time I ever visited one back in 2012 was a night that I was very horny and could not shake the craving to flash my cock to some stranger. I actually did do a window flash while masturbating prior to build up the courage to finally try visiting a parlor myself (I will post about my flashing experiences later). So after some quick research to learn about the etiquette, I drove over to a local shop I had passed by several times on my way home from work. Upon entering I was greeted by a middle aged Chinese woman. She didn… Read more

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Smashed my sexy roomie

First TimeMatureHardcore

Whenever I look at Ashley I wonder where that rule about not sleeping with your roommate comes from. It makes no sense, you are comfortable enough to share a apartment, split the bills and see each other day in and day out, that is more than I can say about any of the women I have slept with. But for some reason we have stuck to that unwritten rule, for over a year now. It’s weird, especially considering sex is not a taboo topic between us, we joke and tease all the time and if one of us has a date over we discuss it in detail the next morning. But all this time we have managed to stay away… Read more

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First TimeMature

Non Fiction I was working a construction site doing some HVAC work. The general contractor was a golfing buddy and this was the first time we worked together. He was doing an addition to a farm house and Polly was the owner. She is very outspoken and to the point. Jack told me in the time he was working there she expressed more than a business interest in him and he kept telling her he was happily married. Knowing his wife as I did, she would have done a Lorraine Bobbick on him in a heart beat had she found out. One day, while having lunch, Polly came out to us madder than all get out. She h… Read more

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My First Orgy

Group SexFirst Time

      It was January 1973. My girlfriend, Lynn, and I had been together about 4 months. We were driving around South Jersey with my best friend, Andy, his girlfriend, Leslie and a mutual friend, Elaine. Leslie was driving her car. We stopped and got a bottle of wine and headed over to Leslie’s sisters house where she was house sitting for the weekend. As soon as we got to the house, we all passed the bottle around and we started to get just a little buzzed. We were listening to records in the living room, dancing, laughing, conversing and having a great time.… Read more

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My first interracial

Interracial SexFirst Time

My first interracial was actually my first time ever. I may say I was blacked at 18 and, since then, I dare say I've whited a few black girls. I am not saying I deserve a Nobel Prize for Peace, but a Nobel Cock for Sex would be well regarded. When all this happened, I was just 18 years old. Obviously I had had a few girlfriends but with none of them I had had sex. You know, small town, we all know each other, parents know each other... the best I got was a striptease and a blowjob for my birthday. It was the 15th of July and it was terribly hot, I left my hometown in the south of Italy to g… Read more

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Follow the White Rabbit DDlg Erotica

BDSMFetishFirst Time

The Story of how I became Daddy Jackrabbit Fall 2003, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Approx. 1:00AM There's something I love about leaving my house in the middle of the night and walking in the darkness. I want so much more in life, but everything seems so incredibly dull and boring to me. Every day is the same thing, and I just wish that I could walk through a door into another reality and that's why I leave. I know it’s dangerous for a young girl to go out at night by herself; I feel like I'm looking for something I don't really know exists. It's night; I'm alone at home in my bedroom staring up… Read more

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First Time while camping in my neighbor’s backyard

Gay MaleFirst Time

John and I became instant friends when he had moved in to the house three doors down. I was 9 and he was almost 11. We were both in Boy Scouts and we were inseparable. A few years later, I had just finished eighth grade and it was summer vacation. I was going to be starting High School as a freshman and John was going to be a sophomore. One afternoon John and I were in his bedroom and I saw a condom on his dresser and asked him what it was. He told me it was a rubber that he had gotten from the family’s bowling alley. I didn’t know what it was used for and he told me to put on your dick when… Read more

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Victor/Victoria (not the movie)

FetishShemalesFirst Time

This occurs a few weeks ago, I was around sunny Miami Beach walking around the beach walk taking the scenery. Im wearing a regular white top black bra and blue jeans, my hair tied back while Im playing with my camera taking pictures. Pretending to be a one million dollar photographer but to be honest I'm just experimenting with new hobbies and learning new things. As I walk around making my way to some of the hotel area I run into this tall white guy with shaving black hair baby blue eyes very slender tone he looks like he workouts. He was standing with a plain black shirt and black sweatpants… Read more

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Miss Mel

Interracial SexFirst TimeMature

Mel was a teacher who had taught college in a very rich part of town for years. In her 50’s, prior to retirement her superintendent called her in one day to give her a special assignment. The superintendent said they were having issues at a poor college on the other side of town. One class in particular was very much out of control. They needed a senior teacher to get control of the classroom. Mel was chosen for her professionalism and experience. The next week Mel went to the school. She was wearing a tight pink blouse and a skirt. She had put it on and looked at herself in the mirror that mo… Read more

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Masturbating my sisters boyfriend

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

Hi My fellow porn lovers, the following story is true, unfortunately according to the rules of this site I may not reveal my age at the time which this incident took place, be it suffice to state that I was young (very young) and my sisters boyfriend was around 23 at the time. John had come to visit my sister but unfortunately for him she was out to town at the time with my parents and we were alone at home. He decided that he was going to wait for my sister to return and sat in my room on the bed and started chatting with me. At this point in time I was extremely eager to learn about anatomy… Read more

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Drunk and lonely

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

I've known this guy for 10 years... What started off as a quickie turned in to 10 years of secret and amazing sex... We both agreed to no strings attached and I would call when I needed my fix... I would give him blow jobs and even swallow his cum. We always used protection and because he knew I am a single mother he'd always pay me. I have no feelings for this man, we simply enjoy fucking eachother. Rather if I was married or dating, he always knew how to fuck me right and make me orgasim. Because I work at a bar I would get drunk and feel so lonely... Like clock work I would call him to pic… Read more

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