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First Time Drinking My Wife's Piss

FetishTabooFirst Time

About a month ago, my wife and I were talking about sex and how we could heat things up. I suggested that we each come up with something that we tell the other one and with no judgement, the other one promises to do it. It could be something that we had always wanted to try but were to shy to bring up or just something new that we read about. She liked the idea. So I gave her a few days to think and asked her if she would be ready to talk about it that night. She said she was ready. We climbed in the bed and again agreed that we would do the thing that the other person wanted to do with no jud… Read more

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My First and Last Tutoring Cam Session

VoyeurFirst TimeMasturbation

Wanted to start with a tame story here about an experience I had about the first and last time my boyfriend volunteered me as a tutor to his friend. Now I'm not your hour glass figure model looking girl that most guys droll over. It wasn't until recently that I even found out what the term BBW was. I'm plus sized, bigger then average girl from a small town. I've always been told my eyes and smile are cute and gorgeous, but verbal compliments usually end there. If that ruins the story sorry I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but to the few that I am-boy is it obvious-to one in particular tha… Read more

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My First and Last Cam Tutoring Session

VoyeurFirst TimeMasturbation

Wanted to start with a tame story here about an experience I had about the first and last time my boyfriend volunteered me as a tutor to his friend. Now I'm not your hour glass figure model looking girl that most guys droll over. It wasn't until recently that I even found out what the term BBW was. I'm plus sized, bigger then average girl from a small town. I've always been told my eyes and smile are cute and gorgeous, but verbal compliments usually end there. If that ruins the story sorry I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but to the few that I am-boy is it obvious-to one in particular tha… Read more

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The Guy With A Nice Ass

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

8/1/2013 (edited 4/21/2019) Another night at the bar. Tonight, I couldn't help myself. Every time this guy walked past I would stare at his ass. I mean--it was round, it looked tight, and I was feeling a little buzz from my drinking so my inhibitions were practically nonexistent. Then there is that awkward moment when he walked back to his table of friends and looked at my reflection in the mirror that clearly showed that I had my eyes glued on his beautiful, round ass. I looked up into the mirror and saw that he caught me gawking and our eyes locked for that brief moment--busted! I swiveled b… Read more

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Was I Turning Gay? PT2

First TimeGay MaleFetish

For three days I had been so stressed out, I was afraid I'd blow a gasket. Well, I hoped to blow something soon, anyway. Less than seventy-two hours before I had taken the plunge and went to a gay bar with all intentions of fulfilling my biggest fantasy. Being straight all my life, yet recently questioning my own sexual preferences, I somehow got up the nerve and gave blow jobs to not one, but two well hung studs. With a little liquid courage loosening me up, I had come on to Rick, a gorgeous hunk who must be about twenty years my junior. I went down on him like a cheap slut and devoured him… Read more

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JEAN, Not Your Normal Nun Story

First TimeMatureTaboo

This Is Based On My Own Personal Experience: Because I Had Discovered The "Adult Book Store/ Theater, And Basement Row Of "Glory Holes", I Had Skipped A Few Sunday School Sessions. The Monsignor Decided To Make Me Do Some Penance. If I Agreed He Would Not Involve My Mom. I Immediately Agreed. If I Stayed Out Of Trouble I Was Allow Allot Of "Freedom". He Ordered Me To Be A The Church Every Saturday Morning To Help Clear Out & Clean Up The Basement. I Had To Be There At 8am. When I Got There I Went Through The Backdoor And Immediately There Was A Door To The Basement. I Opened The Door A… Read more

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Father & Daughter Love.

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

At sixty, I took early retirement. It's been ten years since Judy, my wife, passed away. My daughter, my only c***d, is married, with a daughter of her own. I am expecting a visit from her. I had leased out my house in the country and bought a condominium in the city. I just did not have the same drive it took to maintain the old place. While there were good memories, there was also that reminder of Judy. Everything in and around the house reminded me of her. I missed her terribly. The lobby intercom phone rang. I changed the TV to the lobby cam and saw Cheryl. I buzzed her in. A few minutes… Read more

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A Day Of Many First for New sub slut!

First TimeInterracial SexMature

So my Sub F/W/B and I are invited to visit some swinger friends. We spend the day at there place enjoying the sun and just getting to know each other, The weather was great so the Women take Of their Tops and We guys get a few feels as a little sucking. My Female friend is very new to the life style and this was the first couple we have met together. On the way Hope we're talking about the days and I can see just talking about her sucking the other guys cock was getting her excited! So I decided it was time to introduce her to some real sucking action! So I drove to the local Adult store.… Read more

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Our first threesome story. Big Black BBC.

Interracial SexVoyeurFirst Time

My Gf has always shown an interest in getting a third person into the bedroom. She’s a very attractive blonde, average height about 5’6, size 6-8Uk lovely little waist, firm bum, 30D cup breasts and 24 years old. We had tried to a few women online on the dating sites but to this stage we had been unsuccessful in finding someone to join us. (see previous bet, unfortunately I did win). It’s really difficult to find another woman to join into a couple. My first girlfriend had left me for a black guy and maybe it messed me up a little... I’d been watching a lot of bbc porn, and more recently I h… Read more

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Auntie Caught Us

First TimeTaboo

Just a typical summer day hanging out with my close friend at his house, it was late morning about 11 - Frankie was still in his PJ’s. His mom was home and told us she had to go off to the store and to her mom’s and be back by 1. She told us that her sister was coming by, but she should be home before that, and lock the door if we go out before she gets there (she had a key), We said OK, see you later and off she went. We were just lads not having any luck with the neighborhood girls, but we learned to get each other off, as soon as the door closed Frankie went up to lock the door, and by the… Read more

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Only a fantasy...?

Interracial SexFirst TimeMature

An early forty-something couple, now done having our c***ds, four good beauties; growing up in a hurry. Although life is hectic we find time and are ready to experiment with fantasies, maybe more???. ... Flirting and petting with other attractive couples and testing and expanding our comfort zone. This all started for us when we had a sudden unplanned opportunity to enjoy a brief vacation at a luxurious resort in Jamaica. On a whim we ended up at a bar and club that had a mix of locals and tourists . A casual but very sexy white sundress, obviously bra-less, along with her natural beauty made… Read more

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TabooHardcoreFirst Time

Lindy Taylor is the eldest daughter of my son Rick and his wife Lois who is now eighteen. She,s lived in Adelaide, Australia since 2007 when my son decided to emigrate there much to wife Sarah and my feelings of disappointment. Recently Lindy graduated from high school and decided to,take courses at the nearby College and started living with us staying in the spare room and it,s wonderful having a teenage girl under our roof again, thevfurst one since daughter Christina left the nest twenty one years ago. Lindy is a fairly tall stunning blonde with piercing blue eyes and a beautiful smile in t… Read more

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Fucked by Huge Cocked, Flashing Neighbour,

VoyeurFirst TimeTaboo

As much as I want to talk about my lives experiences to men, knowing they will wank themselves imagining me doing all the stuff that turns you on, there comes a point when my imagination takes over and the tale, or story becomes my female fantasy, just as when I masturbate, I have my fantasies imagining myself in dangerous situations, frightening scenarios that serve to heighten my orgasms, even going out wearing a short skirt without underwear, hoping some guy will see more than he ever dreamed off and challenged you for a fuck and you accepted your fate and let him do it without protection.… Read more

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Cum Eating Husband

FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

This is not my story. I found it a couple of years ago. While it is still up, the author seems to have abandoned his work on the site. If this is your work and you want me to take it down, I will do so. Chapter 1 “We’re going out to a friend’s house in a little while” “Where are we going?” “To my friend Gail’s house, I have never met her husband, they live in a secluded area of the neighborhood on the river.” “OK, are we having drinks or what.” “Yea a few drinks, I just want to meet them and them you.” She walks over to me and puts her hand on my crotch. “I noticed a few stray hairs thi… Read more

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Cumming with daughter: the encounter of the vulvas

FetishLesbian SexFirst Time

Continuation of the text: /stories/irene-cumming-with-daughter-first-the-little-ass-952607 We slept drained, exhausted from everything we did, I don't know for how long. I wake up with Irene massaging me and at the same time caressing his daughter's vulva. Chel still snores. - What was my good? - We need it, time is running out and it's more than half a day. It was tasty the handjob that made, even more with her eating me with the eyes, without leaving to cherish the girl. Chel moan… Read more

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Lena's Love Lessons 2: Lusty Love Lips

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Lovely looking Lena is exactly eighteen years and six months on the last Friday of August in 1973. She is still a virgin and completely innocent about sex. She even never touched herself 'down there'. It is after her first week of studies in Amsterdam. It turns out to be an erotic evening she will never forget, the sweet sexy start of her many major love lessons. Lovely looking Lena looks forward to a full weekend of love lessons from her hot big bro Bert. He promised to teach her everything she needs to know before she meets a boyfriend. From kisses and caresses to hand and blow-job… Read more

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He who waits.....

AnalFirst TimeMasturbation

Kathryn first came to my notice aged 16. Often my Daughter and some girlfriends would slip away from school for lunch at our home. Working shifts I was often around. I noticed Kathryn straight away. Petite,blonde with piercing eyes. She wore her uniform well. I soon began thinking a lot about her and felt guilty with the thoughts I had. I confess I had a few jerk off sessions with her in mind. As school days ended the girls went their separate ways and fast forward twenty years and my Daughter announces that recently separated Kathryn was moving in two doors away from us with her two young k**… Read more

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My visit with a Filipina Part 2

AnalShemale PornFirst Time

This is the continuation of the story of my visit with a Filipina trans woman in Hong Kong. In the first part I described our first cum filled night together. In the following days we toured the sights of Hong Kong and every day we would come back to the hotel room after lunch and then lie in bed and fuck. Sometimes we would fuck several times in one session. At night we would fuck again before falling asleep together. Each time she was my top and I was her bottom and I delighted in servicing her to completion. I had never experienced such sexual satisfaction in all my years of fucking wome… Read more

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First time with man!

MatureMasturbationFirst Time

It was a snowy night in december a few years ago i was alone and had urge to go on gay chatline to see who was around in my local area.After spending around an hour on line i got a message from a man which got my attention,an older man which i have had a attraction for we exchanged messages and then phone numbers it was all moving so quick and he was local so i thought tonight is night we sent few text messages and i arranged to go to his house or 'manse'.I made my way on my short and exciting journey and stopped outside house,it was like i was in some sort of trance that i could not stop, i k… Read more

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An Evening In with Mom

HardcoreFirst TimeMature

The whole thing started when I came home to an empty house a few weeks ago. I decided to check out some porn on the computer since I knew I had the whole day to myself. I had not jerked off in a week and I was ready to explode. The usual porn wasn't getting me hard so I started to check out some other stuff, and came across guys with panty fetishes. I read on and felt my dick start to stiffen as the stories described guys stealing their sister's panties and beating off with them. After about three stories, my cock was almost at full mast and I went to the bathroom to do some snooping. Even t… Read more

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