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A creamy encounter with the Asian culture

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A creamy encounter with Asian culture. A fictional story by Master Zigur. Based on a true story. She was a lovely Asian wife. Her looking was simply provocative. With that sensuality that only Asians have, a mixture of humble and sensuality that makes her as desirable as delicious for sexual perversions and all the senses enjoy. Not tall, average body, silk skin, a long dark hair, covering a beautiful face, with beautiful Asian eyes, voluptuous lips, and that look that only the naughties ones have. Her body was smooth, with her vagina completely shaved, revealing a pair of leshy wet… Read more

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Siblings Reunited.

First TimeTaboo

When I was th*****n and my sister was t** our parents were on the verge of divorce. Then Dad was offered a position on the other side of the country for a huge increase in salary. They decided to move and take the job in a last ditch effort to save their marriage, hoping that with the increased income they would be happier and get along better. So we moved, and for a short while it seemed to work. But their problems were too deeply rooted to be wiped out by the extra money. Mom had found a well-paying job 500 miles away, and she thought it was her best option to accept the position and leave,… Read more

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Me And My First Family Encounter. Part Four.

TabooMatureFirst Time

Passion and lust. My first family encounter continues. If you have read part one, to part three, of my true story posts, you will discover the true fact that I have been having real sex with my mother for some years before this next exciting part of my TRUE STORY........ But things seem to have got far more hot between my hot horny sexy mother and me, much hotter in fact, since I was now at the age of 18. This evening I felt hot and horny, in fact I had been feeling hot and horny for the whole day, but I had not done anything to myself to make me feel better, I was saving my pent up sexua… Read more

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170 Erin and the shipwreck

MatureFirst Time

He had spent the whole cruise chatting up a tall willowy blond, he had he thought just cracked the case and was escorting the said lady when they hit the mine, an ex ww2 thing that had floated about the vast ocean all this bloody time and chosen there little cruise ship at a moment when he, Erin Mount-bank was about to get his leg over, the fruition of a week of hard chatting! 25 minutes later he was clinging to a spar and apparently alone in a very wide-open sea, littered with a few wooden crates, and little else, in a current that had taken him well away from the rescue attempt area! To sa… Read more

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Sexting Meghna Aunty

HardcoreGroup SexFirst Time

This is a series of text messages, between my Aunt Meghna and myself, Arnav. Happy Reading! Meghna: Arnav, was that on purpose? Arnav: Hello Meghna Aunty. What was on purpose? I did not get that. Meghna: Stop messing around now. Did you do that purposefully, or was it seriously a mistake? Arnav: Do what Meghna Aunty? Meghna: Ok, now do not make me angry. Did you just grab my ass at the wedding? I am pretty sure I felt your firm grip on my body. Arnav: What nonsense! I would never do such a thing. Maybe I touched you by mistake. It was so crowded in there. You know that. Meghna:… Read more

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Losing your Hymen, 3 naughty stories

First TimeTabooMasturbation

1.) Frida's awakening I was fifteen when my younger brother have me a clock as a present. I thought nothing off it and got on with being who I was in the confines of my room, growing up and experimenting on my devices and my computer. What I did not know, was that the clock my brother supposedly bought me, was in actual fact, a gift from our downstairs neighbour, with a secret wed cam linked to his computer, recording my every waking moment and the things girls do as they grow up. He had stuff on me for thousands of hours, like the proverbial fly on the wall, he watched me interact o… Read more

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Deflowering My Teenage Neighbour Ananya

First TimeAnalInterracial Sex

My routine was to visit this site once a week and imagine myself as a character of the story I am reading and have a pleasuring time satisfying myself. Later, when I was in casual relationships, I only read sex stories for some really exciting and nasty ideas to spice up my sex life. Now I have decided to give back to thi… Read more

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My husband shocked me the night I entered and satu

First TimeTaboo

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">It is known that any girl waits for the day when she is engaged and wears the ring of her boyfriend and future husband and continues to dream of the wedding night, the night of income, the night and the dream of her life that feels feminine and satisfies her desire for sex. There is no doubt that I was above the heads of girls in that cravings, especially since I wanted to satisfy my lust and my desire, and there is nothing wrong with that. On university days, I did not like my fellow students with me, so I waited to… Read more

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Good neighbors are hard to cum by.

Gay MaleHardcoreFirst Time

I fumbled around at my mailbox in the hallway of our apartment complex. Trying to get a stuck letter out of my mailbox. The door to the hallway opened up and I heard a pair of heavy biker boots approach. The footsteps echoed menacingly in the hallway. I stood bent over at my mailbox. My ass sticking out toward the guy that walked into the hallway. He planted a boot on either side of my legs and gave me a vicious slap on my ass. "Look at that! ... I did not know this apartment building came with these amenities ... Bent over… Read more

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First Black

First TimeHardcore

Not many twenty two year olds would have even considered it, but I readers, I went on a 2 week holiday to spain with my parents. I managed to get a deal from work at the time and thought it would be a good idea. It turned out alright in the end. Day two and your narrator was already getting fed up with the hotel. I needed to get out and see the place on my own, the night life, pubs, clubs and just experience the place. You know how it is when you're young. I did plan on just getting ready and going out after dinner that second night. I sat by the pool in the baking heat thinking about what to… Read more

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The making of my wife, the cuckquean, Part 4

TabooHardcoreFirst Time

I watched as Mia lay back on my wife’s torso and smiled up at me. My wife reached around Mia’s ribs, found her nipples and rolled them between my wife’s fingers. My wife’s legs were spread wide and Mia’s back was obviously pressed against my wife’s wet pussy providing pressure and heat, yet now intimate contact. My wife’s chin was resting on Mia’s shoulder and she could see everything that I was about to do. My cock stood straight out and was pointing right at Mia. I knelt down, between Mia’s spread thighs and got my mouth very close to Mia’s smooth pussy. Her excitement filled the room... and… Read more

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Helping my sister

First TimeHardcore

For days the feeling of my cock in my Sister Michelle’s mouth haunted me. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. The way she had solved my little problem with the tissue shortage had been completely unexpected, and totally marvelous. Funny, I had grown up with my little Sister and my Mom running around nude half the time, showing me and Dad all their considerable charms, and even felt free to jerk off around them, and yet it had never even remotely occurred to me that I might one day know the pleasure of being inside either of them. Which made the fact that the other morning I had cum right do… Read more

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Virgin daughter

HardcoreFirst Time

It's the run-up to Christmas, I'm back home from Uni and doing my Christmas shopping, everything is sorted apart from what do I get for my Dad. Then I see something in a shop window that gives me an idea, but it's so out there, so wild, I can't believe I even thought of it. It's something I've been thinking about for a while now but not been able to bring about, I just don't know how to make it happen. Also, I don't know how a man I love and respect would take it. I would be devastated if he was offended. But what healthy, forty-two-year-old male would turn down a sexy, nineteen-year-old, bl… Read more

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Dad And His High School Friend

TabooHardcoreFirst Time

I anxiously waited for Dad to return from the local bar. Knowing that he loved seeing me in sexy lingerie, I had dug through my dressers searching for the perfect outfit to put a smile on his face. I found a slinky looking white negligee with peek-a-boo bodice and a white lace crotchless panties. Standing in front of the mirror, I could see the outlines of my breasts perfectly and my nipples poked out, almost hidden by the top. Looking down and bending over some, my thick labia were nestled between the lacey layers looking like a pretty deep-pink flower petal. I dimmed all the lights and lit… Read more

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Homophobe schooled

First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

When I was a young man I had a thing about teasing gays, I'd laugh at them, tease them about having cum on the heels of their shoes, shit like that. Just being mean telling them I was an "exit only" kind of guy. I was mercyless and I paid a big price for a few years later. I was in another town only a few hundred miles from my home town just checking it out after landing a new job there. I went into sports bar there to have a couple drinks. This guy came up to me and asked " are you Spike?" I said "yes" and he proceded to tell me his name and where he went to school. Turns out he was one of… Read more

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HardcoreGay MaleFirst Time

On leave from West Germany and the US Air Force I was staying with my late parents and younger brother in eastern Washington, Sister Anna having married in 1966. I met a man named Ted Dissley who my parents rumoured as being “queer” as he,d never married and was fifty years old, but seemed nice and a keen fisherman which I love to do. We met in the local greasy spoon cafe as he came in for breakfast and lunch. He Didn,t work as he had loads of money he,d inherited, but loved to work on vintage cars which brother Austin also liked to do. My parents did not like Austin associating with him and w… Read more

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Once you go black... you’ll really want to do it a

Interracial SexFirst Time

Here is how I came to love and crave bbc! I’ve been with my husband for 25 years. About 10 years ago to spice things up a little we started looking at porn together and talking about different scenarios and what turns us on and really opening up sexually. We are both really turned on by white wives with blacks. He bought me my first black dildo and that was it - I loved it ! At the time it was huge for me. I loved being filled up so completely, it was like nothing I’d ever felt before... over the years we’ve bought much bigger ones to stretch my pussy out - hence the need to feel a real bbc :… Read more

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Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 9

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

Mrs. Perkins seemed very pleased with me, at this point. My flaccid penis lay submissively on my tummy, my ball’s hung empty and their contents, a milky substance puddled on my chest and stomach. “Good Boy” she said with a smile. “I know that you may be confused because I have always insisted that you remain HARD for Mommy.” she explained, “Yet I want you to experience the intimacy that a woman feels…. only then will you be able to treat a woman properly.” With those words, Mrs. Perkins walked over to a cabinet and returned wearing a harness around her middle. As she approached, I could tell… Read more

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Gymnastics Coach

VoyeurMasturbationFirst Time

(fantasy) I spent a summer coaching gymnastics at a local Holiday Club Close to where I live, I am as you would expect a sport coach to be tall broad muscular and tanned I have long hair and a well groomed beard. I arrived for my 1st Gymnastics session on a bright Warm summers morning and set out the hall for the day ahead and waited for the girls to arrive. One by one the girls started to trickle into the hall but to my surprise non of them had changed into there kit with this in mind I asked the girls "why arnt you in kit?" one girl named Poppy answered "there is no changing room here sir, w… Read more

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Dad's Crush on Tina

TabooFirst TimeVoyeur

All while I grew up, I had a fascination with my Dad, wanting to please him since mom had left us. I always did my best to do whatever was necessary to make him happy. I was, of course, jealous at first, seeing him have relations with other females, but as our relationship grew, I really wasn't concerned with my jealous, just about keeping a smile on his face was all that I needed. One afternoon, Dad called me into his office for a chat. I knew I was not in trouble, the accounting books, all feed orders and things to keep the farm operating were in perfect order, so I was not quite sure what… Read more

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