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First Time Porn Stories

Dee…My friends slut wife.

Group SexInterracial SexFirst Time

This is a true story, with many more to follow, for the purpose of writing, my name is Micky. This all started in the 80’s I was 23, playing in a house band and loving all the pussy I was getting. “Chicks dig singers” I had a friend from high school, Jay, who was a long distance truck driver, gone for two weeks at a time. He had very boldly hinted that he wanted to have a 3 sum with me and his wife Dee. I was very straight back then and was a little worried about “Crossing swords” and kept putting him off. Being a musician I worked 3 nights a week. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the rest of… Read more

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Adventures with Delicious DeeDee

First TimeBDSM

Adventures with Delicious DeeDee The day had finally arrived...and long overdue it was for James and Dee. It had been over three years ago that James and Dee had first met virtually through EuroSafyouth2017 , sharing thoughts, desires, fantasies arousing each other. Then there had been a break of many months, but reconnecting again both quickly resumed their sharing and lust for one another, they were kindred spirits separated by circumstance and geography, but not today. Today their mutual passions and desires would be shared intimately, their carnal and some would say perverted pleasures woul… Read more

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My first time.

First TimeFetishShemales

As mentioned before I would wear panties under my pants when going to school. One day I slipped into a cute black satin and lace garter-belt, tan stockings and black lace panties and pulled up my boy pants and went to school. Sitting at my desk as the teacher walked up and down the aisle as we took a test he stopped and looked down at me. I looked up and he smiled. As he walked away I looked down at my legs, the outline of the garter straps where showing from under my pants. When it was time for lunch and I was walking out of the room I hear him call my name "please come back and see me". My h… Read more

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Manusha Tranny in an adult cinema..!

First TimeShemalesGroup Sex

Rajeshwari Theater in Bangalore!! An adult cinema which plays B grade sex movies, but more popularly known as a gay paradise for having open fun at the theater. I have been hearing about this from my top friends and CD sisters for quite a long time. Some of them had visited this place and had different experiences. Some said it is a dirty place, all filthy uncles come there looking for bottoms and some said, it’s a place to experience something different, etc. etc. It was my CD friend, Saloni, told me her exciting experience at the theater and persuaded me to go and pay a visit once. Naughty s… Read more

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His "special" secretary - Part 2

Gay MaleFirst TimeHardcore

It has now been a week that I wank my boss daily, he keeps telling me that it's normal and that all secretaries do it, I doubt it but what can I do or say? Between these sessions, I do more normal work, always with the pressure of displeasing him with the smallest mistakes. Talking about mistakes, here he comes with this very bad look on his face. - You stupid cow, you sent the wrong report to the client! - Eh... What? - Oh my god, you're too stupid to even remember what you do! My service is not a social service. - Please Sir, I'm sorry, I'll send the correct report. - It's done already, you… Read more

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In the beginning

First Time

My sexual introduction started at school. I had just joined an all boys secondary school and I will never forget that first morning going to the boys toilets at break time and there was the usual banter going on and the older boys teasing us newbies. I had a piss in one of the cubicles but when I came out there was this older boy by 2 years who stood in front of me and with this huge cock and balls outside his trousers. It was absolutely huge and the head was exposed and it was so hard and purple. He rubbed it a few times and all his mates laughed at my expression and he said well what do you… Read more

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GF slave 2 story

First TimeInterracial SexMasturbation

My Master tell me write this – how I become slave. Sorry my English not so good but I try. My name is Ming, hello everyone. I am Chinese girl. I am small, maybe only 45 kgs and 1.57 m. I have small breast. I am cute. I have no boy friend at the time. I had one before and sexed with him. I like sex very much. Now no boyfriend, I play myself very often and cum many mornings. I first time see him on my first day at work. I go to HR department to finish some forms, it maybe about ten o’clock. I wait in corridor for HR, I see W… Read more

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My Sexy Sister

HardcoreFirst Time

Our parents were on a one-week cruise Mom earned at work. It was for two people only so they decided to make a second honeymoon out of it. The k**s had to stay home. I was the youngest, having just turned eighteen that spring. It was my last summer in high school. Mom and Dad wanted me to enjoy it. My brother joined the Marines when he graduated two years ago. My sister, Susan, was going to start her senior year in college. She offered to stay home and be sure that I stayed out of trouble. Just what I needed, my sister who was four years older acting as my babysitter. I need to tell you a bi… Read more

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Falling head over heels with BBW Brandy

MatureFirst TimeHardcore

Brandy and I lived in the same apartment building; actually, we met in the elevator going up to our floor. We both seemed to get home from work at around the same time and began chatting on the ride up. One Friday evening she was carrying what turned out to be Jamaican Jerk Chicken in a bag, and when I commented on the good aroma, she invited me to join her. I stopped by my unit and grabbed a bottle of dark rum I had, then we went to her place to eat. I soon found that I enjoyed her company, as she was funny and knowledgeable on many different subjects. The only problem I had with her was tha… Read more

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Mother Invites Divorced Son to Live at Home

TabooMatureFirst Time

[Story] Mother Invites Divorced Son to Live at Home with Her "Mom, thanks again for inviting me home to live with you while I'm going through my divorce." The pleasure is all mine. Since your father passed away I've been lonely and wanting another man around the house. I advertised on those dating websites but the only guys that reply are creepy old men. I'm looking for someone more about your age. "Well, I'm available. What's for breakfast?" Kellogg's su… Read more

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My new friend Alex

First TimeInterracial Sex

It was looking to be another picture-perfect mid-summer day in my small hometown of Ormond By The Sea, so of course my damn mother had to fuck it up. Apparently, a friend of my step-father’s is coming over for the afternoon and bringing his k**, Alex, with him. This meant that I had to keep the k** entertained, just what I need on a day just made for surfing. This fucking sucks! I tried to blow off some steam by mowing the lawn while I waited for my parents’ guest and his little bastard. It didn’t work, and by the time I was putting the mower back in the shed I was even more pissed off. I went… Read more

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Beauty & the Geek Ch. 2

First TimeHardcore

Sitting at his bedroom desk, Charlie tried to concentrate on his homework but it wasn’t going well. How pathetic, he thought, doing homework on a Saturday afternoon; no wonder he wasn’t popular. Rising from his chair, Charlie stepped over to a dresser and opened the top drawer to look at what was keeping his mind from schoolwork. There they were - Miley’s white panties. He lifted them to his face and took a deep whiff of their aroma; it was the most intoxicating thing Charlie ever smelled. Miley had given them to him just a day prior, when the two had masturbated together. He’d had a crush on… Read more

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Wife makes me a CockSucker!

First TimeGroup SexGay Male

I could see the sun slowly rising outside my bedroom window. I was tied to a chair as a chain of men had their way with my wife while I watched. It was her fantasy and my punishment for an eight month long affair. She had been fucking bareback off and on all night and I could see cum overflowing from her pussy as she lay on our bed with her legs spread wide. "Jim and Kenny untie my cheating pig of a husband and bring him over to the bed," she directed the two well built young men who had just finished double teaming her. Kenny walked over first. His long flaccid cock swung from side with th… Read more

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First TimeInterracial SexMasturbation

clumsely pulls it free, she begins to work her hands over his cock, as she was pumping his shaft up and down the foreskin would cover and uncover the head this seemed to fascinate her as she kept doing this she would take a closer look,her face was only inches from his cock as she was pumping it she started massaging his balls, she smiled and looked up at him and says I cant believe Im doing this, she confessed to him with a shy giggle that ever since she had seen his cock in the restroom, she has thought about it often, she said that she had not seen but a couple of cocks in her life and nev… Read more

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My Dad’s close friend

First TimeTabooVoyeur

By Dina Petro My name is Lana, I was eighteen years old when the events of this story happened, being a real good looking girl, with a sexy body that looked curvy, sexy and very attractive, even though I was still young. I lived with my parents, my brother and sister in our family house, we had a nice, open minded family relations, very spacy freedom levels from our parents somehow, we girls dress freely at home and move freely as well, even in front of the family guests, my father’s friends and others. My whole family went on a trip for a few days, but I could not go with them for some commi… Read more

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The next mornng

FetishFirst TimeVoyeur

Still waking up, we all sat on the decking eating breakfast as we reflected on yesterday's activities with the 3 of us, Jayne, myself and her mother. Its when we completed our sexploites with her mother, fucked her, took photos of her, and discovered that actually, she new more about sex then the two of us put together. It's also where we had agreed to become her play toys in exchange for her teaching us the tricks and tips she used on us for better sex. “So are you both still up for learning my tips and giving yourself over to me? There will be times you won't want to try things, or disagree… Read more

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Another ruined her white Pussy

First TimeInterracial SexFetish

It has been almost four months since Amber has slept with anyone other than her husband, the pale blonde slutwife moved three months ago for her husband's career leaving all her old playmates. When they first moved in she considered starting a family but Kyle, her husband, didn't feel ready to stop their exploring, he suggested they wait until they were well settled in the new place and then they'd discuss it. In those three months Amber started to follow her fertility chart just in case but they never really discussed it again. Amber started to think Kyle was right about her continuing her am… Read more

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cuckolds life

MasturbationFetishFirst Time

'you stupid cunt why did you ask me to marry you in front of all your friends and family ?' jo shouted 'i thought it was the next step i thought you would want to marry me and anyway you did say yes ' dave replied with tears in his eyes 'what did you want me to say ? did you want me to tell them i'm only with you for your money that your cock is tiny and you can't saisfy a woman ? would that have been ok with you ?' 'um well come on thats not true is it ? is that how you really feel ?' 'of course its how i feel your cock is so small your fingers get wet when you have a piss , i take it thats w… Read more

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My BBW Mom

TabooMatureFirst Time

Dedicated to BBW lovers Hey guys, I’m Dan. I am your average 23 year old boy, super horny. I was not a late bloomer when it came to losing my virginity, I was 16, but it was a once time sloppy fuck with the school tramp, and that was it. . I started looking at my mom sexually at around 18, but I figured it would go away and that I was just so desperate for sex anyone was looking good to me. My desire for my mom grew. She is my biggest fantasy. She is 54 years old about 5'5 and 280 pounds. She is the reason for my love of BBW women. Whenever I am watching porn or am getting with a girl I alway… Read more

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I made another mans wife my cock hungry whore pt 2

First TimeMature

I decided to move forward and test this girls limits. Let me introduce you to Mel. Mel is 50 years old, has been married for 30 years, has two grown sons and wears the pants in her family. Frequent FB selfies, check-ins at the gym, manicurist, hair stylist, etc.... Works as a consultant in one of those makeup companies. Does not sleep in the same room with her husband and does not enjoy sex with him. She states she tries to avoid it for as long as possible. She does LOVE watching gang bang videos and masturbates to them frequently! She's cute, is not small but not a large gal either. She was… Read more

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