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Nurse Tracy Ch. 04

Interracial SexVoyeurFirst Time

This is a continuation of the original story without any recaps. Read "Nurse Tracy" Chapters I-III to get the full story from the beginning. ***** "... I just got your message. I understand Wallace wants to see me?" Tracy did her best to sound uninterested, as she didn't want to appear too eager to meet with the aggressive black man and, honestly, she wasn't very eager despite her attraction to him. "Hello there, sweetheart. Yeah, he called me earlier and asked if it would be all right. I told him that it would be okay with me, but I wasn't sure about you, or your schedule." "Well,… Read more

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Being Naughty At Nude Resort Part – 2

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I stopped taking bath and dried myself up and went to the balcony to lie down in the sun. I don’t know when i fell asleep but i was woken up by my husband. Sam: ” Hey honey, how long you have been lying naked here” Me: (Smiles) ” Not sure” Sam: ” Do you want to stay here or go inside?” Me: ” I want to stay here bit longer” Sam: “Alright honey, I will also join you in few mins. But before that i want to tell you something. Don’t get mad. The clients are s… Read more

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Being Naughty At Nude Resort – Part 3

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Jacob came over in a few minutes and for some reason, I felt better once I saw him. He gave me a friendly hug and sat next to me. Jacob: I thought you would have been asleep by now. Me: I didn’t tell him what really happened. I was going to but just wanted to clear my mind before I go back to my husband. Jacob: Because of our little adventure today? Me: Well ya, as I told you before, you are the first guy I have been with after marrying my husband, now Alex… Read more

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White wife's Walk on the Wild Side with Black

Interracial SexMatureTaboo

MWF62. I met a black man while working. He was about 50, shaved head, a bit of a belly, and about 5'7". He wasn't particularly good looking but he had charm. Enough charm to get me to have drinks with him after work. I called my husband and said I was going for drinks with the girls. He told me to have a good time. I met my black stranger in the parking lot and he said I should ride with him, that he would get me back to my car later. I hopped into his big SUV and off we drove. He asked me if I wanted to get high, and lit up a joint. I was very stoned in no time. We pulled into the parking l… Read more

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Learning my daughter was a Black Cock Slut

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I have just returned home from a two week vacation where I learned my grown daughter is a black cock slut and her master decided to enjoy my wife's services. My wife and I were on the last leg of a two week long road trip and decided to stop in Jacksonville North Carolina and visit my 34 year old daughter Jamie. I called her the day before and told her to pick a restaurant and we would take her out to dinner. She asked if her "boyfriend" could come along and of course I answered in the affirmative. This was actually the first I had heard she was seeing someone and I was quite happy to know she… Read more

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The Practice Session - Part 2 - Erotic Foreplay

First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

Mike opened his apartment door and led me to the living room. We sat down on his couch. "Are you nervous?" he asked me. I shook my head no. "And are you sure you want to do this?" "Yes, I am sure," I replied. "Me too," Mike said. "So let's get started" The first thing we did was to flush me out using an enema. Mike explained it and helped me along the way, and he offered to help me again on Friday night before my big date with Jermaine. I accepted his offer. He went back to the couch as I took a shower and dried myself off. "Put your clothes back on before you come out," I heard Mike sa… Read more

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Gang Banger Slut

Interracial Sex

For those wondering why I haven't been entering any new short stories here lately, perhaps this story will help explain a little bit. It's sorta short, but I think you will enjoy it nevertheless. * Now I love a big black prick as much as the next white woman, but when the six men, or should I say nearly men, holding guns, and knives somewhere on their person that were attached to those pricks, and directing their anger at my presence in their territory, well it can be somewhat disconcerting. Of course, it was my entire fault for just scanning the address, and not writing it down. Had I writt… Read more

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SLUT ANN My toilet ordeal

BDSMInterracial SexTaboo

SLUT ANN’s Toilet Ordeal My name is Ann, well actually, it's been Slut Ann most of my life. My body has ruled me always. My nipples would itch, then when I played with them or scratched them, a charge would go through my body and make me crazy, insanely horny. It’s like the beginning of a huge orgasm that stays with me until I cum. The type of horny where there are no limits. We were very poor, so clothes weren't replaced regularly. As a result, I wore old then panties where the liner was wearing out and spaghetti half tanks that were also wore thin. The fabric would always wrap around my nip… Read more

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College Bound Young Black Studs

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A week ago I was checking my e-mail and had a reply from a site I'am on. Black guy here 18 young and hung get at me ,it said. So I replied back and and he sent a pic of his cock as requested and I sent a couple of mine back. His name was Dave and liked the pics I sent and some I had on my ad......Definately looking to get this dick sucked good he said. I told him cool and sent him my number to call me. He called some minutes later and said hey this the guy online you sent your number to. Yeah hey whats going on with you today I asked....Oh just trying to bust a nut here, Cool I said you look l… Read more

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First Black Cock

Interracial Sex

My parents thought it would be good for me to get a job to learn responsibility. Since I was in school, they only wanted me to work a few days a week. The neighbor down the street, who was a good friend of my dads, was a big wig at an upscale hotel chain in town. He offered me a job at the front desk and to work bussing tables at big meetings and gatherings that they had. As it turned out, I worked mostly weekends nights, but I got to work with his daughter, who was a really good friend of mine. After a few weeks, I noticed that she would come back with cash after her breaks. And when I say ca… Read more

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Obedient Wife

Interracial SexVoyeurFetish

It all began with me taking my wife Trudy dogging after having a few drinks, the first place we tried was an out the way country park l had heard about. There was a bloke staring at us from his car he would go in and out the toilets then wonder closely to our car, so the next time he went to the gents l followed and struck up a conversation as you do then when we came out, he came over to the car and began speaking to my wife Trudy, the conversation got more personal and the bloke admitted he liked being spanked as he wanked himself, so that’s what l told Trudy to do, she nervously got from th… Read more

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I love BBCs

AnalInterracial SexHardcore

We went to a bar one night and drink a couple of drinks and dance and left to a Motel that was closed by. I met a couple guys there and exchange numbers. My husband made a joke with the guy in the lobby if he had some black friends to come and meet me. He was black and he laugh and say yes. Have them call our room ok. sure he told us. We went to our room and lay down and i put a porn of BBCs and got naked and lay down. Wow babe I love that BBC it's the perfect cock for me. I text the BBCs i met at the bar and we chit chat some and i ask them to show me their BBCs. They did send pics and i lo… Read more

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Exploited, Dennis

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Dennis Taylor calmly applied his eyeliner and bright red lipstick, the transformation was nearly complete. There were five of the biggest black cocks in the porn industry waiting for his alter-ego Denise in the next room. As he finished getting ready, he thought back to how it all began. It all began five years ago at a party at his buddy Jim's house. As everyone sat around drinking the cheap beer that normally served as refreshment at junior high school parties Jim had pulled him aside. Every guy there had come hoping to score with a girl, but as usually happens, the three girls who came, did… Read more

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Experiences in East Africa

BDSMInterracial SexTaboo

This is a true story which, unfortunately, may have come to an end. About five years ago I began helping lead a program in East Africa. When on safari we were staying in a tented camp where the drivers and clients eat dinner in the same area. After dinner I went over to my lead driver to discuss the next day. After the other drivers had finished and gone, I asked him how he became such a good wildlife guide. He told me a little. I asked him if he had a wife and k**s. He did back in his home village, but his k**s were on their own now. I do not know exactly how old he is, but I would say 45 to… Read more

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My Nanand’s Driver Fuck Me

HardcoreHumorInterracial Sex

I am 22 years old, figure 36-24-36, very fair, And my marriage is a arrange marriage. The balding 30 years old Jitu. We were married the next day and I was the April Bride. Jitu had a beautiful wife to show the world, and he displayed my physical assets proudly. He tasted the fruit of his marriage on the third day of our honeymoon. He continued the foreplay for 20 minutes without getting a… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 51

HardcoreInterracial Sex

Misti and Michael had walked back over to their house, and, letting themselves in through their back door, went over and sat down at the kitchen table, after pouring themselves cups of coffee. They sat there, silently, for several minutes. Mike was searching his memory for a solution to their problem, and Misti, knowing what he was doing, sipped her coffee, hoping on hope that he would think of, or remember, something. If there WAS an answer, Misti was supremely confident he would find it. She was frantic with worry, but, was trying to contain herself. Flying off the handle wouldn't help anyth… Read more

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Toying Around (Part 2)

Gay MaleFirst TimeInterracial Sex

Several months had passed since Mark bought the two dildos. He used them almost every chance he could when he had the house to himself, which was only once or twice a month. Once, on a day he was really horny, he left work early so he could play with them for a couple of hours. Being able to pleasure himself with the two black dildos didn't end up relieving his curiosity of having a black cock, if anything it was intensifying it. From time to time he would picture a sexy black man that he saw on television or in public while he fucked his ass with a dildo or feverishly sucked one but it wasn'… Read more

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Experiences in East Africa

Interracial SexBDSMTaboo

This is a true story which, unfortunately, may have come to an end. About five years ago I began helping with a program in East Africa. When on safari we were staying in a tented camp where the drivers and clients eat dinner in the same area. After dinner I went over to my lead driver to discuss the next day. After the other drivers had finished and gone, I asked him how he became such a good wildlife guide. He told me a little. I asked him if he had a wife and k**s. He did back in his home village, but his k**s were on their own now. I do not know exactly how old he is, but I would say 45 to… Read more

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As I got home from work and walked into the living room, I sensed something was different. Usually, my wife Megan, would greet me, even if she was in the kitchen, or upstairs...but the house seemed so silent. It was out of the ordinary, and I felt a little bit---uneasy. "Hey! I'm home!" I called out. But there was no reply. I went to the kitchen to see if Megan was there, but she wasn't; and so I took the back stairs up to our bed room, with every intention of taking a quick shower. However, as I turned to go into our bedroom, I found Megan setting on the edge of the bed, with my lap-top o… Read more

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Never Bet a Women You won't Cheat Blacken

First TimeInterracial SexVoyeur

Toni called being very apologetic, asking if I minded watching our little girl while she attended a party thrown by a friend of Gingers. I told her it was no problem, not to worry, and to have a good time. Wanting to make sure she would be safe, I asked if she or someone else was going to drive. Though Toni was very conservative with her actions, she didn't drink very often and when she did, it always made her tipsy. She informed me that Ginger was driving and she was riding with her. She also promised if she got too bad she'd stay the night at Gingers instead of trying to drive home. Ginger… Read more

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