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-sighs- I can't help that I'm a sexual person, I love to kiss, make out, wrestle a little bit and get a little touchy feely, ya know? I can tell when the mood isn't right, especially when I'm being forced to get in the mood and I'm not stimulated. You tell me that you're too much of a woman for me, truth is, I'm too sexual for you. I've been in some relationships (FWB) where it was just, you could call most like a porno but it was arousing and.........I am an exhibitionist, to an extent, but I love to get my cock sucked, it's a must for me, just like I'm gonna eat that pussy for you. I love… Read more

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Post # 3 This time it happened yesterday...

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So after writing my second post yesterday I really had fun doing it and was pretty worked up thinking about old times and I had to continue to try and find a cock to suck after many months of doing nothing and just recently beginning to explore options. No glory holes though, I wanted something different and challenging that I had to find and work for. The hunt was just as much fun. I've spent the past month looking, driving for a half hour after work, with my zipper down, underwear pulled over and the head of my cock pointing straight up enjoying my fingers rubbing it the whole time, on highw… Read more

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Our Unspoken Desire – Part 1

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Where is the damn AC Remote?” I muttered under my breath. It was a ‘summer afternoon’, two of the most beautiful words in the English language. And probably most harmonious sound for an English ear. But not for an Indian ear. It was a coastal place in Odisha. The weather was a pain in the ass. We studied coastal climates,… Read more

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Our Yard Boy

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The drive back from Imperial Beach was a long boring trip and I was getting exhausted from the monotony of the road. I enjoyed these business trips a lot more in the past when I could check out the roadside rest stops for a quick blowjob. Since San Diego County had closed all their roadside johns there was little reason to cruse its rest stops anymore. Even now just thinking about a good blowjob is making me horny as hell. Massaging my nuts gave me a little relief but I just had to get my nuts off. At the crest of the hill I began reducing speed to check out an interesting looking abandoned re… Read more

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Deflowering My Teenage Neighbour Ananya

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My routine was to visit this site once a week and imagine myself as a character of the story I am reading and have a pleasuring time satisfying myself. Later, when I was in casual relationships, I only read sex stories for some really exciting and nasty ideas to spice up my sex life. Now I have decided to give back to thi… Read more

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Mother: My Life changer – Part 2

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I am going to write down a life-changing story of mine. I came to know that my real sex satisfaction can be achieved only through one person that’s my mother. Thank you for reading the part-1 and reviewing it. Here comes the hot night show. After cleaning t… Read more

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BBC Through A Glory Hole

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This is a true story. I was 19, in college, and horny as fuck. I had a car so one afternoon I drove 20 miles to the nearest city, searching for an adult video shop so I could watch some porn and jerk off my 8 inch dick until it was ready to shoot out a load of jizz. I found one and as soon as I walked in, I was the center of attention. A very cute 19 year old surrounded by at least 15 unattractive older white men, most of them at least 50 years old. I walked to the back where the peep show booths were, loaded with quarters, and I checked out each booth. It was 1981, before the age of video,… Read more

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Best kept secret

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by Williacj I was at best buy in greenfield finishing up organizing the stock room around 10 pm and taiesha munoz came behind the desk"what's up tai I thought you were off today" i said to her. she walked up to me."I'm off, i just came to get my paycheck"she replied.I looked over at her she was wearing a puerto rican flag colored tank top blue jeans and flip flops her finger and toenails painted maroon."bonita boriqua,from your pretty eyes down to your pretty little toes" i told her"she smiled."you checkin me out huh?" she asked. How can a man not see a latina like her and not get a hard o… Read more

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mature white wife submissive

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Since I had started it, I couldn't just stop. I pondered this while we fondled each other, Rene giggling as I fingered her panties. Rene looked up at my towering figure and lifted her fingers to the giant penis hanging before her. She ran her fingers along the shaft and then grasped it in her hand. Rene stroked it up and down until she told me. "Oh my God! Give it to me, hard Cory!" She pushed her buttocks back into my thrusting black penis. She loved it doggy style. I pumped into her as hard as I could. I felt her shaking as… Read more

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The twins Haitien boys

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It was going to be a nice camping trip i was so excited to try my new tent and sleep in the woods I packed all my stuff and on friday we left my parents and me 3hrs away from home Wr got there just before dawn and i set up my tent on my camp ground momy and dad in the little chalet they rented not far maybe 500 feet from my campground we ate diner and i was out riding my bike in the camping trails they were 2 identical black twin guys fishing down the river I stop curious if they caught anything maybe 3 yrs older than me ''hi is the fish biting?'' ''hey, no we just got here wanna fish w… Read more

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A pleasant treatment with my new Gyno

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When we moved to Savannah, I got a new gynecologist doctor. He was a black man, in his early fifties. At my first appointment, a nice young black nurse led me to the examination room and told me to strip and put on a special gown. A few minutes later my new Doctor came, asking me how I was doing. I confirmed him I was there just for a routine checkup. He surprised me by telling I was a very attractive woman, although I was in my late forties. I blushed a bit, but thanked him. Then he asked me about my sexual appetite and I told him that my beloved Victor and I had sex almost daily... I looke… Read more

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Once you go black... you’ll really want to do it a

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Here is how I came to love and crave bbc! I’ve been with my husband for 25 years. About 10 years ago to spice things up a little we started looking at porn together and talking about different scenarios and what turns us on and really opening up sexually. We are both really turned on by white wives with blacks. He bought me my first black dildo and that was it - I loved it ! At the time it was huge for me. I loved being filled up so completely, it was like nothing I’d ever felt before... over the years we’ve bought much bigger ones to stretch my pussy out - hence the need to feel a real bbc :… Read more

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She confesses: I want to be black bred

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My female friend and I have a good relation. We are best friends with benefits. We have sex and I enjoy it very much. I help her to explore her desires. She has a big secret she still hasn’t told me. I will get to it. I have introduced her to the world of BDSM. It can help people to reach their desires if they cannot escape them. Being restricted and dominated usually means you cannot escape your desires. My uncle owns the ‘House of Gord’. It is a renowned BDSM site. He let me use the toys and stuff at the production site whenever there are no video to be made. It means I can go every weekend… Read more

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A European Vaction In Kenya

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We'd told everyone that Marta and I were going to Kenya for a 'vacation', and though that was true, it was only true up to a certain point. We were going there for a vacation alright, but it was going to involve way more than sightseeing some of the sprawling nature reserves! The prime reason Marta and I were going to Kenya was to see to it that she came home pregnant...but not by ME, but by an African male (in fact there would be more than one 'donor'---there were to be three separate men doing the honor! But we weren't divulging this particular fact to either of our families (at least, not r… Read more

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The Marriage proposal

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The Marriage Proposal. Is there something wrong? I asked my girlfriend of 7 years. We just had sex and she had this unsatisfied look about her. She does drive me crazy with her size 1 body, b cup breasts and perky nipples if I would ever see them get hard.She has a very small waist with a nice round little ass. Mid twenties with long blond hair, what more can a guy ask for. You would think she would be very excited, especially since we talk about getting married soon. A little background on Hope and I. We have been dating since high school. Went to separate colleges but kept true to each oth… Read more

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Helping the Elderly Ch. 03

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This is a continuation of the original story without any recaps. Read "Helping the Elderly Chapters I and II" to get the full story from the beginning. ***** "Darlin,' I need to run an errand before we head on to your house." "Okay, Harry. Where do you need to go?" "We need to stop by the Walmart pharmacy to pick up a prescription." "Alight. I will wait in the car. I can't go in looking like this." Tracy loved dressing like a slut for Harry, but wasn't about to parade her body around in public. She looked down at her clothes, the skin-tight orange T-shirt, white booty shorts that… Read more

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mother's day

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Mothers day celebration Well hello everyone.. its me again auntie norma :) I come to you with yet another hot story that I hope it will keep making you cum for more. In this occasion it occurred on mothers day but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this would happen . One of my three sons Shelley and my self..who knew... Jake wanted to have a mothers day feast, a mothers day celebration so he took it upon himself to take care of everything.. he organized a barbecue pool party just the three of us and my three sons. Shelley helped him set the table by the pool before heading ou… Read more

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It's All About Night..

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Sat in a circle, naked and horny, it felt like we were in a dream. We were all so horny that things got going pretty quickly. He lent in to kiss my wife and I lent in to kiss his. Her lips sweet and plump, they tasted slightly like my wifes pussy. Her nipples erect and dark in colour, her body slim and her young body turning me on even more. She took my cock in her hand, just like her boyfriend had done and continued making out with me, I pulled her in closer and made her sit on top of me, I opened my eyes and could see my wife on her back, he was eating out her pussy. She was in for a treat.… Read more

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Oh God What Did I just Do? A wife's tale

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We were down in the city for Christmas shopping, well at least I was. Husband was at some meeting and didn't know when he would get back to hotel but would phone to keep me up to date. I had spent four hours in the mall the day before and had got quite a lot christmas presents including one for hubby, a new sexy night attire loose top and skinny thong in black lace. So when I got back to hotel I had a quick shower and put the new sexy stuff on to surprise him when he got back.. It was getting late and I had expected him to be back by now but he hadn't phoned or called my cell. There was a knoc… Read more

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My wife and my Boss... at his office

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That night, after I made Ana come screaming loud an intense orgasm, she confessed she would love to have sex my Boss… Harold was sixty years old and he was close to retirement. He looked younger; he had kept himself in better shape even than me. He really looked pretty good for his age and was very fit. And most important detail for Ana… he was a huge black man… He was almost twice the age of my beloved wife; but she insisted she wanted to do it. I knew the old man liked to watch some porn sometimes. I had discovered it, when I got into his computer and found he had been hitting several por… Read more

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