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It was the night of the party Lorraine and Dave had invited me and my girlfriend Tania over telling us very little about what the night ahead was to involve. I must explain at this point that myself and my girlfriend Tania are in an open swinger relationship and we have been to a couple of wife swapping parties before with Lorraine and Dave who my girlfriend knew from work Anyway we arrived at their house with a couple of bottles of wine and some beers as you do. We was greeted at the door by Lorraine who was celebrating her… Read more

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My slave and my Friends

BDSMInterracial SexFetish

My Master made me kept a journal of my experiences as his slut whore bitch slave, and I write here my experiences with my Master’s friends. Since being collared by Master, I had been used by countless number of men of almost every race and nationality, covering: White – German, Swede, Spanish, Dane, Serbian, British, Australian, American, Polish, Belgian, Dutch, Bosnian, New Zealander Black – African American, Indian, Pakistani Yellow – China Chinese, Singaporean, Filipino, Malaysian, Japanese, Taiwanese I have had sex with all shapes of men, tall, short, muscular, skinny, girlish and even ob… Read more

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Black Jock College Threesome

FetishGay MaleInterracial Sex

Part 1 ­ Prologue, and Extending the Invitation  It was my first year as an upperclassman, and I was finally the starter at shooting guard. Most of our players were upperclassmen; all of our starters except at point guard, where highly­touted freshman Marcus Washington was expected to earn the starter's spot. We had been a very good&… Read more

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Carianne's First Interracial Gangbang

AnalGroup SexInterracial Sex

I was out with Carianne (second left, pink top) and her three friends in a bar, hopefully getting any of them wasted enough for to let me fuck one of them in my car while people watched from outside. Yet for what felt like forever I had really dreamed of fucking Carianne. She always flirted with me but was always just agonisingly out of reach. She was the sort who enjoyed attention from guys, but as soon as a guy thought he was getting somewhere with her, she would back off. She was the epitome of a cockteaser, although I had… Read more

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I just wanted to try

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It seemed so much fun I've watch her new vids all the time one is out cute little sissy girl waiting all dress sexy on a pillow in front of her glory hole I've watch so many nice black cock getting suck like a candy by her I've wanted to be at her place, secretly sucking on a fat cock seemed so much fun for panty lovers like me I fought the idea for a month , wearing my freshly undies from amazon and realistic bbc suction cup toy and one weekend i finally set it up , in my loby, the cardboard door with its hole nervously downloading grdnr my little sissy nature starting to take over sm… Read more

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CelebritiesHardcoreInterracial Sex

by williacj Valentine's day and love is in the air,Just k**ding! I was in my bathroom when there was a knock on the door, I opened it. "Hi I'm Ashley Sears of fox six news"she says pushing the door open. she closed the door and locked it."Your fantasies about me"she began"how many are there?" before I could answer she wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me I reached around and grabbed her butt, she grabbed my hand and pulled it away. I reached underneath her skirt and started fingering her pussy.we kept… Read more

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Filipina Wife With Sissy White Husband, Part 2

HardcoreInterracial SexShemales

I drove home from Corey's adult video store, my head reeling. My cunt was messy from leaking cum, and I squirmed in my seat knowing that my lavender short shorts were a MESS! I was so hard thinking about all the cock I had sucked at Corey's - first time in over 2 years! My marriage to Dani had been a total mistake - that was eminently clear to me now. I had used her because I was unwilling to admit to myself that I was a queer! Well! I mean, I had been crossdressing and fantasizing about being a lady since puberty! And in the years leading up to my marriage to Dani, I had alternatively repulse… Read more

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Family Making Porn – Part 2

Interracial SexGroup SexTaboo

That day shoot was over with me,dad and mom and uncle told us to have the foods which are good for sexual wellness and he also gave some tablets and he too stayed in our house that day. On the next day, uncle told about the he s going to start with sister fucking me and then dad joining with us and ending with a family foursome at a single stretch.Dad and me was excited and mom feared that… Read more

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Family Making Porn – Part 3

Interracial SexGroup SexTaboo

After that shoot, we were thinking for the next shoot and aunt said that since there was a lesbian scene taken,and asked us to do a gay scene.Uncle said that’s a good idea and told we have scenes with him and me and dad with him,as me and dad did already at first.He asked me and dad that can we do or not and we said we will do.Now we made ready for the scenes and he told that first scene wi… Read more

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Me Mom And Others Have Orgy

Group SexInterracial SexTaboo

It all started when my mom discovered and got addicted to mom son i****t porn. She started fantasizing about having sex with me. She now started wearing clothes with less coverage to gain my attention. My mom never wore shorts crop tops or hot lingerie. One day she said that I and her are going on a 12 day vacation. Initial… Read more

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Innocent Divya's Ordeals

Interracial SexVoyeurGroup Sex

Prologue: This is the story of Divya, a typical Indian woman whose life changed rapidly and in unimaginable ways within a couple of years. Let me start at the beginning. Divya was born in a small town in Madhya Pradesh in a conservative middle class household. From c***dhood, Divya was recognized as very good looking. She was fair-skinned, had thick straight hair, and had sharp features and big eyes. Her parents and grandparents, wary of how the society preys pretty women, became extra protective of her. As it is, small towns in India are conservative with very little open mixing between se… Read more

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Watching Jessie (glory hole)

VoyeurInterracial Sex

This story follows "Watching Jessie " Jessie was so out of it I had to help her get her pants on. I guided Jessie to her car but it was obvious that I would have to drive us to her house. I suggested that we go to the hospital where Jessie could get the morning after pill. Jessie didn't talk to me on the ride home, other than to say that she didn't want to go to the hospital. My suggestion of the hospital had only made her colder to me. I could have stopped the guy from fucking Jessie in the parking lot and possibly getting her pregnant. Instead I chose to watch mesmerized, as the stranger di… Read more

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In which my husband gives me a fuck buddy!

Interracial SexGroup Sex

This story is completely fabricated, but hope you enjoy. My husband and I had been married for 15 years. Life was humdrum, with 2 k**s, 2 full time jobs and a non existent sex life! Ever seen that hashtag on Twitter, #describeyoursexlifewithamovietitle? Well mine was Toy Story! The only way I got any sexual relief was toying my pussy with my ever growing collection of dildos and vibrators. It was good but I longed for the feel of a real man again. I loved my husband dearly but every time we did it, it was vanilla, in the missionary position, with it over once he had spunked his load. I was s… Read more

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My GF slave's story

BDSMFirst TimeInterracial Sex

My Master told me to write this, about my initial encounter with him that took me down the road to become a White man’s slave, used by him and his friends, subservient to all their requests and subjected to regular discipline sessions to remind me of my lowly status and also for their amusement. I was in my early 20s and was working in the local office of a multinational corporation. I was then regarded as a high flyer and deemed to have a bright future ahead of me in the company. Little did I know then, that about one year later my priorities in life will all change from climbing up the heig… Read more

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Emma Watson’s Jungle Movie

CelebritiesInterracial SexGroup Sex

Emma sat up on the bed and asked Jenna and Anna, “Can we take a short break? Now that you know I enjoy being punished, We can go into my special room after a short rest. But I don’t allow any kind of filming or photography in my room. If that puts you off, then it’s time for you to leave!” “That’s it for me then!” said Jenna. “And for me!” said Anna. “I’ll sign the paperwork later today!” “Thanx for the fun night! I hope we can work together another time!” Emma said. Next afternoon, Emma was at Ben’s office where they were discussing movie themes. “So far, I like the ‘Casting Couch’ ide… Read more

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My FIRST time with MAN.

Gay MaleInterracial SexAnal

Introduction: My first Gay experience. We was down the Dog and Duck, Big Norman, Harley Charlie, that's the bloke with the 50cc Honda Moped and me and a few other lads drinking Stella and Strongbow like while we waited for a Lib Dem meeting in the back room to finish so we could meet up with Al and play pool. Their meeting dragged on like Lib Dem meetings always do, you know if we don't agree we does arm wresting or first double top or tosses a coin, but they just talk, 'Seek a consensus,' which is a serious waste of drinking time, anyway when Al turned up we could hardly stand up let alone… Read more

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Interracial SexMature

I drove up Dixie’s friend Deanna’s driveway and saw Dixie’s car there and another car I didn’t recognize. Although I was somewhat irritated that Dixie and I weren’t going to be alone, I thought, “Oh well, maybe Deanna had bought a new car and would be leaving soon” I cautiously opened Deanna’s back door and said, “Hello” I recognized Dixie’s voice coming from Deanna’s downstairs bedroom when she said, “Down here” I closed the door behind me and made my way downstairs. When I turned the corner and entered Deanna’s bedroom, there was Dixie on the other side of the bed with her back to me locked… Read more

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Married To African For Project-1

Interracial SexHardcoreSex Humor

This is story about my personal experience when I was in Africa for a project I am 24 years old 5 feet 7 inches height fair and slim In my family we are 3 members my family is well established in business for few generations so literally I was born with silver spoon The story I am telling it is about 5 years back when I am… Read more

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Married To African For Project-2

HardcoreGroup SexInterracial Sex

READ 1ST PART TO UNDERSTAND... Berko took his ornaments from neck and hands now he is completely naked and turned towards me with a big smile on his face I saw his tool which is erected his penis it is not so big it is about 4.5 to 5 inches and he looked at me ,my heart started to beat faster I thought in my mind this one night is going to change my life and I will be not v… Read more

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Mom Helps Me In My Slutiness – Part 2

HardcoreInterracial SexSex Humor

I am a horny girl with a figure of 36d-34-38 kinda voluptuous. Without wasting time I will go to my story. After having steamy sex with my bf in the parking lot we were still not satisfied and wanted more, the thought of having sex in my own bedroom with my mom in the same home was making me and my harddick both horny. I was dressed back in the dress in which I had left home, but this time… Read more

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