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The Fill In

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The Fill In I just finished having sex with my 65 year old grey fox. I have to say we have been married for close to 45 years and neither one of us strayed away. Our sex life has always been good, in fact I could honestly say my wife wants it just as much as the day we got married. Which does cause me a little problem. I could see the wife still wants a little more from me in our lovemaking sessions. Not that I am not performing but I am not up to the speed of my younger days. We were laying down in our bed with me looking over my wife’s body. She still had it. About a size 2 dress, slight… Read more

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Vanessa gets Shorty PT2

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The next morning Vanessa opened her eyes, she hoped that it was Shorty that is next to her. She suddenly felt an itching sensation inside her pussy. It felt like a million little micro nerves tingling around the inside of her pussy creating a ticklish sensation. She tried to brush it off and forced herself out of her bed, still feeling a bit sluggish and hit the shower. Brian has prepped Kelly to school. That's the good thing about Brian, he doesn't mind to do share the load, sometimes even ended up doing more than her. Vanessa is already planning to make excuse to see Shorty again. She checke… Read more

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Evening the Score - Chapter 2

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Sunday morning, after breakfast, Jess kissed me goodbye, and headed out to the garage and to her car. Once I heard the engine start, I got out my phone and pulled up the app to check her phone’s location. Sure enough, it showed it was located in our garage. I heard her car pull out, and, while I watched it on my screen, she pulled around the corner, and then her phone’s location disappeared. She again turned it off. I brought up the tracker app, and there it was again on the screen, her car. But, she wasn’t heading toward her office, she was heading in another direction, the opposite direct… Read more

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A Day Of Many First for New sub slut!

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So my Sub F/W/B and I are invited to visit some swinger friends. We spend the day at there place enjoying the sun and just getting to know each other, The weather was great so the Women take Of their Tops and We guys get a few feels as a little sucking. My Female friend is very new to the life style and this was the first couple we have met together. On the way Hope we're talking about the days and I can see just talking about her sucking the other guys cock was getting her excited! So I decided it was time to introduce her to some real sucking action! So I drove to the local Adult store.… Read more

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Our first threesome story. Big Black BBC.

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My Gf has always shown an interest in getting a third person into the bedroom. She’s a very attractive blonde, average height about 5’6, size 6-8Uk lovely little waist, firm bum, 30D cup breasts and 24 years old. We had tried to a few women online on the dating sites but to this stage we had been unsuccessful in finding someone to join us. (see previous bet, unfortunately I did win). It’s really difficult to find another woman to join into a couple. My first girlfriend had left me for a black guy and maybe it messed me up a little... I’d been watching a lot of bbc porn, and more recently I h… Read more

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Only a fantasy...?

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An early forty-something couple, now done having our c***ds, four good beauties; growing up in a hurry. Although life is hectic we find time and are ready to experiment with fantasies, maybe more???. ... Flirting and petting with other attractive couples and testing and expanding our comfort zone. This all started for us when we had a sudden unplanned opportunity to enjoy a brief vacation at a luxurious resort in Jamaica. On a whim we ended up at a bar and club that had a mix of locals and tourists . A casual but very sexy white sundress, obviously bra-less, along with her natural beauty made… Read more

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Fucked by mechanics

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The speed with which the clouds gathered and the skies opened up took me by surprise. I was on my scooty, driving back from a work-related assignment in a village about 40 km outside of city. Usually, I’d take the car for such a distance, but it refused to start in the morning. I expected to return before sunset, but the assignment had taken longer than expected and by the time I got done, the villagers insisted I have dinner before leaving. So there I was, on my scooty, close to 10 pm on a narrow local road when it started raining cats and dogs, as the cliche goes. Since it wasn’t the time fo… Read more

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King of the Castle

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“That’s a big dick in yo’ mouth,” remarked the hung Black man. The older crossdressing bitch moaned agreement. “You missed this dick?” The sissy slut continued slurping on the 9½-inch tool. “Mmmhmmm!” “Daddy missed you too! Don’t make it so long before you get back here next time,” he stated. “Yes, sir,” she purred. The technical sergeant, who was still wearing his Airman Battle Uniform, began to take off his jacket. The name tape on it read, ‘PENDER’. “Sit on this big Black dick, Dianne,” Pender instructed. Dianne stood up. The 66 year-old with blue eyes was wearing a white lace blouse,… Read more

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Evening the Score - Chapter 1

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My wife, Jessica, and I are in our mid to late fifties, and have been married for 30+ years. I’m 58, while Jessica is 55. I’m 6’2”, about 200 lbs, pretty good shape, buzzed blond/gray hair, blue eyes, and scruff beard. Definitely, a “Daddy” look. Jess (as I call her) is 5’1”, about 120 lbs, almost shoulder length dirty blonde hair, green eyes, pale white skin, a nice, firm, tight ass, and a pair of C cup tits with huge nipples to die for. She is also very, very beautiful. We met, dated and married when we were both in college. I was 23 at the time, and she was 20. Perfectly normal thing to do,… Read more

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She didnt know that I knew, Part 14

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As she finished telling me the events of that evening, my own cock was dripping precum and screaming for much-needed attention. My wife looked at me and smiled: “I LOVE you SO much” my wife said, smiling so sweetly “and I’d like you to put that in me” she said, nodding down to my rock-hard cock, and then added, “but will you do it from behind… Doggie style?” “Sure” I replied, “But I thought that you said Doggie Style was so impersonal?” “Baby?” She explained, taking my hand in hers, “What you and I are now doing is the most intimate and personal thing that a couple could ever do! You are sh… Read more

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Sex education

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by williacj George Micheal's "I want your sex" played in the background as Dillon Dreyer sat on a couch smiling with her ass showing and a"come fuck me” look on her face."this doesn't matter" she said pointing at her wedding ring I sat on a chair, she came over and sat on my lap."Just what I thought" she said as she began grinding on my hard cock. then grabbed my hands and put them on her rear end."feelin on my bottom" she said. she started bouncing up and down on my lap"first time having sex with clothes on" she exclaimed I picked her up off the chair and dry humped her standing up"wow look… Read more

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Drunk Wife Rejects Husband

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Dave and Carol got married two months after she had graduated high school. Dave was nineteen six-foot-tall, one hundred and sixty-five lbs. brown hair and eyes, and a very nice almost eight inch, very thick cock, and a tongue that made women grab and rip the sheets! Carol was a petite five foot four inches maybe a hundred and five lbs. of a very sexy red head, with a pair of 34 B boobs! A year after they married Carol went out with her girlfriends for a girl’s night out. She didn’t get home till four am, Dave had been frantic worrying where she was, and she walked in like all was normal. Dav… Read more

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Our Black offspring Party!

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Meanwhile back at my place we decided to hold a Creche Party for all the Black Brats we had hatched in our white wombs now! All our cucked hubbies would be looking after our ebony black sons…hahahaha. The neighbours and friends invited too, for maximum humiliation!!! Our studs would be on hand, just in-case our guests wanted to know who the Daddies were! Little skooly girl, Tracy phoned me; she was weeping away and sucking in air painfully? ‘Oh Mrs Smith, my titties are really aching and feel as if they will explode!’ She cried out. ‘Oh, why so?’ I asked her. ‘I don’t know why. I mean when I w… Read more

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Only If You Knew!

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She lay on the bed with her left tit out & damp panties that were soon to vanish. I put on smooth music as I'd suck on her nipple while rubbing her pussy. After a brief moment I'd grasped her right boob as she began to jill . Honey had a hand in her lap & was using the other to jack. Of all trades,off I orbited so obvious that she's on verge of orgasm . Often oral reinstated order overall outstanding under this doll with a growled panic. I contorted my body & rewarded her beauty by removing her panties. As my head was led south then I'd started to to peck her inner thigh in which c… Read more

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Army Rangers Change My Life - Karen

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I still don’t know how it happened, but my ass is as sore as hell. I couldn’t believe I had gotten so drunk that I let two different guys take me in the ass. This all began during one of those blinding Illinois blizzards. I was with my friend Maureen driving from Springfield to Palatine, Illinois. Maureen’s car went into a ditch in the middle of nowhere. Thirty minutes later we saw a truck coming and flagged them down. Now this truck looked like the light brown Army trucks and was going down the highway with no problem. Karen and I were stranded and we frantically waved our arms and a flashlig… Read more

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Army Rangers Change My Life - Maureen

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I still don’t know how it happened, but I am a totally changed women. My pussy is as sore as hell. My girlfriend Karen had to be in worse shape than me. I heard she let two different guys take her in the ass last night. I only got laid once, and that was enough. This all began during one of those blinding Illinois blizzards. My car flew into a ditch fifty miles out of town in the middle of nowhere. Five minutes later we saw a truck coming and flagged them down. Now this truck looked like the light brown Army trucks with off-roading trucks tires so it was going down the highway with no problem.… Read more

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The true meanings of sharing

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For the past 2 years l’ve been taking my wife Sally to get her fix with other blokes at dogging sites then during the winter she has to go into hibernation due to the men drying up because of the chilly weather, but the beginning of last winter, we tried a few clubs which she nor l really enjoyed, so we joined an online meet club. After an exchange of e-mails and a social meet, the guy would book a room and l would take my wife along for them to use in any way they see fit, l had my fun by watching her fucked in every position possible till Sally screamed out as she orgasmed, l always insisted… Read more

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Beth's weekend away

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Since I last wrote, about 5 months ago, Bethany has had a number of experiences and sometimes I was just too overwhelmed to write about them straight away. And I know that if I don't do something straight away, it often never happens at all. But it has made me so happy the way some of you have responded to Bethany's experiences that I really should try again. Where better to start than Bethany's weekend away in March, I just posted a few pictures of it, so you may enjoy looking at those too. This is only the second time Bethany has been away with the sole purpose of being Bethany, by which I… Read more

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Recuiting Players

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My mother is the cheerleaders coach for a major university(Colorado) and part of her job description is to help the football , basketball , and the other team sports that bring in money and star recruits to this university . When I was younger my mothers time was always taken up by coaching the girls and helping the coaches recruit players , but I never knew just how it was done . I am now a freshman at the university where she works and on the cheer team . My mother (Crystal) and I'm( Nancy )was on the phone talking to the football coach Jones( I found out later ) when I heard her say just… Read more

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Vanessa Gets Shorty Blacken

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Vanessa is 36 years old, married to her high school sweetheart, Brian. Brian is 5 years older than her. He is not the fittest guy for his age even. He has gained a few pounds over the years. Vanessa however, still looks after her appearance. She has maroon red dyed curly hair at shoulder length, 5"4", 32C cup, a size 8 and very attractive. Some people make jokes about beauty and the b**st but there is always a degree of truth about it. She also has a seductive look that comes naturally and she knew men at church secretly attracted to her. She is what you call a hotwife. Both Vanessa and her h… Read more

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