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Held down and i watched?

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Dawn and I were on holiday and we were having the time of our lives until this one night! we had been out in a local bar and we were having a drink and dance, Dawn had this short skirt on and was sometimes showing what she had on or not in her case. I told her to stop it cos some people will not like what you are doing, her reply its my holiday and I am letting my hair down, Ok but calm down a little. I sat down whilst Dawn wen… Read more

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Sissy CD Gets Fucked By BBC In Public

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True story from about 3 years ago. Life had been busy it had been awhile since a man used by mouth or boi pussy for his pleasure. I still had been wearing panties almost daily and shaving my basically everything from my little balls up to my chest. I had acquired a few sexy tops and quite a few sexy panties and stockings and still loved putting them on and playing with my hole. It was a nice summer afternoon and I didn’t really have anything to do. I had just taken a shower and shaved myself and was feeling extra naughty and horny. I decided to post an ad on craigslist and see if I c… Read more

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Screw you mom!

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By williacj “I'll call you when I feel like it and I'll text you when I feel like it” she said to me when I asked her why she hadn't returned my calls. every woman has the right to choose whether she wants to go out with me or not but this broad has decided to be a boob about it. I'm getting the impression that she's the type who thinks she can treat a guy anyway she wants without any consequences. I spotted her having lunch at a downtown Milwaukee cafe and I overheard her telling her co worker how she's got me "under her fingernails" and he's still probably waiting on me to call him back, h… Read more

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My stories about D

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This is my first try at writing stories. I originally posted this on another site Some of incidents in the are true and some wishful thinking on my part. All these stories are based on what D told me. She really loves the black cock. So off now for my first story. When ever you see "miss nunu" that is the name D gave to her black cock loving white pussy. D and I had a love/hate relationship. D did not want me to be with any other woman but D was still was in love and living with her black boyfriend. This is a total of 6 short stories in one posting. D watching football Story 1 D and I have… Read more

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My first interracial

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My first interracial was actually my first time ever. I may say I was blacked at 18 and, since then, I dare say I've whited a few black girls. I am not saying I deserve a Nobel Prize for Peace, but a Nobel Cock for Sex would be well regarded. When all this happened, I was just 18 years old. Obviously I had had a few girlfriends but with none of them I had had sex. You know, small town, we all know each other, parents know each other... the best I got was a striptease and a blowjob for my birthday. It was the 15th of July and it was terribly hot, I left my hometown in the south of Italy to g… Read more

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At Southland Casino

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I could see the Southland Casino to the north of the highway as my wife and I looked for the exit ramp that would take us there. As we eventually pulled into the parking lot of the casino, we were both feeling the excitement of the anticipation of the true reason we were there! My wife reached over, and placing her hand on my upper thigh, I heard her say: "I'm SO excited! Wow!" She was referring to a 'date' that we had set up between us and a truly good looking younger black man by the name of Jamal. We were meeting Jamal at the casino in order to purchase his willingness to get my wif… Read more

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Miss Mel

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Mel was a teacher who had taught college in a very rich part of town for years. In her 50’s, prior to retirement her superintendent called her in one day to give her a special assignment. The superintendent said they were having issues at a poor college on the other side of town. One class in particular was very much out of control. They needed a senior teacher to get control of the classroom. Mel was chosen for her professionalism and experience. The next week Mel went to the school. She was wearing a tight pink blouse and a skirt. She had put it on and looked at herself in the mirror that mo… Read more

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It started with a kiss. I had gotten a job a few years after high school with the local aid agency that supplied food for low-income and senior citizens. I was up to the challenge of meeting government deadlines and negotiating with vendors, and though I wasn't into the office politics or into the county handshakes that got you favors, I kept a pack of cigarettes and a convenient bottle in my lower desk drawer, which my alcoholic boss greatly appreciated. I had turned 21 and took every advantage to legally party, and as I reside in a Southern state, it wasn't hard to avail. When an older Lati… Read more

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Return of Big Al My Lawn Man

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Got home and found a business card on my door ......Hey this Al I stopped by call me it said on the back....Al was my new lawn guy and so hot, he is 6 ft 2 dark skinned and medium build with a 9 in black cock . I got with him after feeling him out a few weeks earlier and got him into my shower and pleased his dick for him... Before he left the last time he was complementing my ass after we had got together .We did not do any anal the first time I got with him...He did say he wouldn't mind taking a shot at it when he left the last time.... So I called him up...Hey Big Al I said as he answer… Read more

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Fun With a Black Couple

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A Few years back I had an internet site ad seeking sex it said... White male in panties wanting to service hot married and or straight black studs on a local website. had a few replies mostly just flakes , The usual types who include pics and say like.....Don't have a ride come get me and spammers for cash and replies from small cock white guys looking to have their lil cocks sucked claiming their wife's don't please them good and send lil small cock pics claiming they are packing big cocks till they send a pic of themselves which make me laugh...... So one night I had an e mail from someone… Read more

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Your Wife Tells You A Story (A Cuckold is born)

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Hey husband, I need you to listen to me for a minute. Turn off the TV and pay attention alright? You know my co-worker Sheila? You should, I have mentioned her several times but you probably weren't listening to me. So Sheila told me that she had some old clothes that she was going to get rid of and asked if I wanted to check them out. It's not like you ever take me anyplace worth dressing up for, but I told her I would come over and see what she had. I got there this morning and she made us some mimosas and we drank while we looked over all the stuff she had. She had a lot of cute outfits and… Read more

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Unforgettable Memories

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As a mandatory notice, I hereby confirm some things. All names are fake, but the STORY IS NOT FAKE. (Of course, I have added a few hotch-potch to spice up the read.) A very long story indeed needs to be broken to parts. The year 2016 had done well to me as I got into a relationship with Rose, a medico student who was brought up in Dubai. Rose is a mallu girl from Allepey studying here at Chennai. Being born abroad, she joined a medical college in Chennai a… Read more

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Incest Orgy And Priya In Lonavala –

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I and Priya hooked up once again after our first fuck at my friend’s place. After sex, she broke the news that she has been transferred to Delhi. My dick and her pussy were the ones most saddened by this news. She left within 2 days. Now my sex life was dry. We continued having Skype sex but it was never the same! Last month my family planned for a holiday to Lonavala (a hill station near to Mumbai). I got an idea and pleaded Priya to join me at Lonavala.… Read more

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The Beautiful Restaurateur

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So this incident happened around a month ago. It was the end of May and I decided to plan a trip to Russia with my family. We got the visas etc. in mid-June. And we left for Russia on 13th June i.e. me, mummy, dad and our man-servant Govindji. We landed in Moscow the next day. We had scheduled St.Petersburg at the end of the trip. Finally, we landed St.Petersburg on 3rd July. We had a little tough time there due to scarce availability of vegetarian food. W… Read more

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California Business Trip Ch. 01

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I had to go to Southern California on a business trip and my wife Stacy wanted to go with me to visit her sister. Stacy hadn't seen her sister Laura in a couple of years and my wife was looking forward to a week with her only sister in the warmer weather. The sisters were almost complete opposites. My wife Stacy being petite with D cup breasts, red hair, pale skin, and lots of freckles loved the colder climates. While her sister Laura was a tall leggy blond with tanned skin and dark eyes that loved warm weather and beaches. Our flight arrived, we picked up the rental car, and soon were at her… Read more

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Looking for nice asian lady, Lijiamason69

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Yes this is her Lijiamason, this is the real one Scot was playing with. Actually this whole novel is crap! She then said loudly, "Keep fucking, don't stop baby!! Don't Stop! Keep going!" She grabbed his back and she started to shake. My wife usually starts to shake right before she has an orgasm. She said out load, "Oh my god!! I'm cumming baby!! I cumming!!" I could see he was getting turned on and he let out a large groan. She grabbed his ass and wouldn't let him pull out. I didn't realize until he pulled out, that the rest of his cum was dripping out from his dick as he already unloaded… Read more

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Office Cuck

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I told my wife that I would like to see her with another man, a black man with a large cock. And I expected she was going to lose her mind and throw me out of the house. But that is not what happened. I was laying in bed next to my wife Sara a good woman who had supported me in all of my endeavors. We had a good life, a nice house, cars, manicured yard everything that I could imagine I wanted. All of this was due to our successful business. All of this made it more difficult to bring up my desire to see her brains fucked out by another man. But I could not get over my desire to see her in the… Read more

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santa big candy

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I was a little elf going to work and pack gifts all day at the mall it was a nice thing to do during december and it paid some extra money i was all dress in my green leggin and little elf costume getting in the bus back from work there was a older guy in his santa costume waving at me in the back i was invited to seat with him ''hey how was you day little el'' ''good good i packed gift all day'' ''good of you , you make santa proud'' both laughing keep playing our ''role'' ''so what are you doing tonight elf'' ''not much going to my appart and watch some tv'' ''cool , well have a go… Read more

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The Curious Case Of Cunning Uncle Pt 3

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Next day I did not tell my wife that I was on leave. I took my k** and dropped her to school. Called the maid and told her not to babysit today. I came back home after I knew that my wife left. I had a solid 6 hours till 3:30 pm till my k** returned from school to spend with Deepti. Deepti was surprised to see me, I told her that I had taken a day off. Thank God she did not ask me any more details. She was visibly bored. I asked her if she wanted to go out… Read more

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19 Yo Marcus's First White Ass

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My phone rang one evening it was Marcus a hot black young 19 yo college stud packing a nice 8 inches.....Hey what you up to later tonight .....Nothing much I said you need some relief I asked him.....Yeah looking to get out about 10 tonight after I do some homework he said....Sure I said would love to take care of you ....Ok see you later he said....Hey hey he said before hanging up....Yeah what I asked....Hey looking to do that butt tonight if you want me to ....Ok up to you then ..... Now I had met Marcus at the grocery store where I shop a few months earlier. He lived with his mom up the m… Read more

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