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Slaves Ch3

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Chapter 3: A Torture Session Six women surrounded the torture table to which the boy was strapped. His arms stretched out above his head. His legs spread with straps around the ankles and upper thighs. Straps below the abs and below the pecs, around the neck and around the forehead. A gag fixed into the table. Their lovely young toy. Tightly in place and ready to be played with. His cock had also been prepared, standing fully erect with a wire around the base and around the balls, attached through a loop at the foot of the table to keep the thing pointing up. Oiled with Elixir. The foreskin… Read more

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Greedy Cheating Wife Gets Frozen Out Part One


There isn't much sex in this, so if that's what you're looking for, it might be best to move on. It's an account of betrayal and ultimately of revenge.  All this really happened. The names were changed to shield the guilty.   Here in Canada, our divorce laws are a little different. They vary very little from province to province since they are all governed by The Divorce Act (1985). There are three grounds. The first is separation of a year - this is an uncontested action. Both parties establish separate residences for that period and joint assets are split 50/50. The second i… Read more

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Mind, Body, Soul, Freak.

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-sighs- I can't help that I'm a sexual person, I love to kiss, make out, wrestle a little bit and get a little touchy feely, ya know? I can tell when the mood isn't right, especially when I'm being forced to get in the mood and I'm not stimulated. You tell me that you're too much of a woman for me, truth is, I'm too sexual for you. I've been in some relationships (FWB) where it was just, you could call most like a porno but it was arousing and.........I am an exhibitionist, to an extent, but I love to get my cock sucked, it's a must for me, just like I'm gonna eat that pussy for you. I love… Read more

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Me And My First Family Encounter. Part Four.

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Passion and lust. My first family encounter continues. If you have read part one, to part three, of my true story posts, you will discover the true fact that I have been having real sex with my mother for some years before this next exciting part of my TRUE STORY........ But things seem to have got far more hot between my hot horny sexy mother and me, much hotter in fact, since I was now at the age of 18. This evening I felt hot and horny, in fact I had been feeling hot and horny for the whole day, but I had not done anything to myself to make me feel better, I was saving my pent up sexua… Read more

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A story about a 60 year old hooking up again with his sexy 30 something ex-employee. Shortly after the naughty fun with my younger work colleague Suzy (see my story ‘Let The Sunshine In’) I retired and took on part time consultancy work. A few months later I bumped into her at the hardware store. I had just gone through the checkout and when I stepped outside she was waiting for me. ‘Hi Bill’. ‘Oh hi Suzy nice to see you’. We instinctively gave each other a friendly hug. ‘Hi Bill I saw you at the checkout and thought I’d wait and say hello … how’s retirement’? ‘It’s okay but I’m still d… Read more

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170 Erin and the shipwreck

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He had spent the whole cruise chatting up a tall willowy blond, he had he thought just cracked the case and was escorting the said lady when they hit the mine, an ex ww2 thing that had floated about the vast ocean all this bloody time and chosen there little cruise ship at a moment when he, Erin Mount-bank was about to get his leg over, the fruition of a week of hard chatting! 25 minutes later he was clinging to a spar and apparently alone in a very wide-open sea, littered with a few wooden crates, and little else, in a current that had taken him well away from the rescue attempt area! To sa… Read more

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War Of The Masks Chapter 1

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It was a stormy night. Outside of Venice, in a remote forest, there was a big and luxurious mansion. A limousine arrived outside it's gates at great speed as if the devil himself was after it. Two strange figures, one male, one female emerged from the car without closing the doors or pay attention to the corpse of the chauffer which collapsed on the ground. Inside the house, two twin little boys were sleeping safe and sound under their warm and expensive blankets when... ???: Jason, Lambros, WAKE UP! The horrified boys saw the mysterious couple dressed in black and wearing Venetian masks and c… Read more

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Mother: My Life changer – Part 1


I am going to write down a life-changing story of mine. I came to know that my real sex satisfaction can be achieved only through one person, that’s my mother. My name is Raja Ranjith. I am working in the IT sector. I am always horny. I have a 5.5″ inch tool, which became bigger and better after having sex with my mother. My family consists of 3 people. My father passed away during the f… Read more

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First Time With Neighbor Lady


I’m a super horny guy that masturbates daily twice. Let me describe myself. I have a 6.5 inches dick. I never really measured it but my girlfriend told me its bigger than 6 inches. I am a skinny type guy but I have really great stamina (you will know in my future stories). Now without wasting any time let’s come to the story. There was a sexy lady in my society. Her name was Aaniya. Let m… Read more

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Passionate Sex With A Married Woman


Today I would like to share an awesome experience which happened a couple of weeks ago. First of all, I will introduce myself. I’m Stark (name changed) from Surat. I’m a super horny guy that masturbates daily twice. Let me describe myself. I’m 21 years old with 6.5 inches. Now without wasting any time let’s come to the sto… Read more

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OTK Ch. 02


Last night I spanked my mother, and then sent her to bed. I'd stayed downstairs, and wanked till I came, all the while reliving that spanking of her chubby bum, with the tight-stretched panties. Today I had decided that this time I'd see if her spanking had made her more submissive - more agreeable to my demands. She arrived home a little late, and was surprised to see me already there. I guessed she was hoping I'd be late, or out for the evening. I started as I intended to go on. "Mother, come in here, please." Somewhat hesitantly she came into the front room. "What....what's up, Don?" an… Read more

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I got home feeling really horny - it had been a hard day, and my secretary must have had a row with her boyfriend for all the use she'd been. My first thought was to go upstairs and wank, but then I heard a noise from the back bedroom, and she came downstairs, smiling cheekily. "Hi, Don, you're home early. What's up?" Without waiting for an answer she passed me and headed into the dining room. I flipped my hand at her backside, but only just made contact; she laughed, tweaked up her skirt to give me a glimpse of her panties and stepped down into the kitchen. That glimpse, that tiny sight of… Read more

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My new redhead gym intructor


That summer my beloved Ana insisted I should try going to the gym, to get a little bit fit. I finally accepted her orders and went to the same gym she used to work out. Due to my own schedule, I found my instructor would be a wonderful redhead babe. She was really very hot. Slim, tall, a perfect toned body with a pair of long legs to die for. My first class there was fine. My hot trainer Sheila made me do some workout at the machines and when I finished, she said I could have a warm shower and she would wait for me… I was under the shower, when Sheila came inside and joined me. I was astoni… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: Colleen


Our neighborhood is is full of colorful characters, but it would be even greater if my sister Colleen was still around. She and her husband Tom built a new home on the other side of town several years ago, and moved there when their two boys were in high school. I missed used having my older sister just a few houses away, to lean on her whenever I needed support, advice or just someone to talk to. Along with our other sister Kelly, we’ve had quite a roller coaster relationship over the years with lots of teasing and spats to… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 94


Rick had spent a strenuous night with the Kelly family. After Pete had fucked Sue the second time, and proved in her mind that she had been ENTIRELY right, that her Daddy would be her favorite sex partner, they looked in to see if Doris and Rick were still fucking. They weren't fucking. They were laying there cuddling like a pair of lovers should. Doris had a leg over Rick, holding him near to her, and he had a nipple in his mouth sucking it, while the hand not under her neck was stroking her clit. Her head was back, her mouth was open, and it sounded like she was coming yet again. Sue giggled… Read more

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A pleasant treatment with my new Gyno

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When we moved to Savannah, I got a new gynecologist doctor. He was a black man, in his early fifties. At my first appointment, a nice young black nurse led me to the examination room and told me to strip and put on a special gown. A few minutes later my new Doctor came, asking me how I was doing. I confirmed him I was there just for a routine checkup. He surprised me by telling I was a very attractive woman, although I was in my late forties. I blushed a bit, but thanked him. Then he asked me about my sexual appetite and I told him that my beloved Victor and I had sex almost daily... I looke… Read more

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Home for the Holidays


There was a knock at the door of the old brownstone. When Henry Page went to answer it, he saw his daughter standing there in a jacket that was way too light for an east coast winter snowstorm. Her boyfriend Jeremy was standing right behind her with their luggage in hand as they both shivered in the heavy flurries that were beginning to fall as the day went on. The neighborhood had already gotten a foot of snow by that point and the taxi that had dropped them off had barely made it down the street to complete the task. "Merry Christmas, Dad!" Mackenzie said to her father, as her boyfriend ec… Read more

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The Holiday Many years ago when we were k**s my Grandmother used to take one of us on holiday with her, we had to wait till we were 13 or over so i was 5th in line to go. The holiday was in a caravan at a seaside resort. The van belonged to my uncle he bought it so my Grandma could have a holiday as she was not to good at getting around. On the holiday with us was also my aunt both my uncle and my aunt were single my uncle had a few flings with the ladies but never married the same with my aunt she had a few boyfriends but stayed single. My Grandad was also there, the van was a 48 foot 6 berth… Read more

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"Highlights of a M.I.L.F."-08


The Family Member It was 1996. Gracie was in her late thirties. We had been trying for another offspring, but it wasn’t happening. We had not had sex in over a month and according to our calculations, Gracie was going to be at her most fertile time in a few days. We decided to get a babysitter and head to the cottage. We talked about sex during the whole drive. She said “I feel like this is the weekend. I am going to get pregnant”. I had a special surprise in store. My brother Jay and I are truly the best of… Read more

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"Highlights of a M.I.L.F."-07

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MOM FOR A DAY My wife is a very nurturing person and loves to give to those less fortunate, financially and otherwise. In the “otherwise" category, she often does something called “Mom for a day” for individuals who we determine are in need for something like that. I always filter all email’s and messages to Gracie, sending the “good ones” to her. A few years ago I received the following: Dear Gracie, I am a 19 year old college student. I find you to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I hope you don’t mind but I masturbate to you at least… Read more

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