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Married women 11 - Brenda


Many years ago I was invited to participate in an Open Tournament in the USA. People from all over the world were invited, and I was really looking forward to it! Because this was a chance to see more of the country, I decided to arrive earlier and leave later. In those days, money was a real issue with me, and I had to look for a flight I could afford. By far the cheapest way was to fly there ten days before the start of the tournament and back a week after it. I called the head of the organizing team, a certain Steve, who immediately said ‘No problem! Come whenever you wanna, you can live at… Read more

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Home Coming Queen to Hooker (Pt 2 the Team)

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I say mom and dad how about we all go back to our place order room service for lunch and make plans for the wedding in two weeks and we need to find you a little black dress for the reunion on Saturday the one good thing is it’s at the Hilton. I say Sally how about you go with your mom and your dad and I can go in our car and your dad can drive. Sally smiles at her dad he says what are you grinning about she says you’ll see we walk outside, John asks which car I say the red one, the only red car is our Lambo, he looks at me and says really I smile and nod, he says go ahead and start lunch with… Read more

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A Mother's Journey

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So I met an insatiable lady during my travels and as we increasingly became comfortable with each other we started sharing our personal kinks. One of our mutual fantasies was taboo family play. And she started confessing her feelings and attraction to her son. Below is her emails to me regarding what happened after months of talking about this. This is posted with her permission, and she's looking forward to the feedback. If this doesn't interest you, please move along to something that does. Email #1 The other night my husband was out again and so I told my son I was staying in for the night… Read more

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Met a worker one summer


Several years ago, I was keeping my friend's pool while he and his girl friend were traveling in Europe. I'd swam in my friend's pool for about 5 years, and knew how to add chemicals, dip fallen leaves, all the chlorine tablets, and keep the pump primed. I was building my new home nearby at the time, and would take a break during the hot part of the day and run over and check the pool, and usually would take a plunge to cool off. One day, I was in the pool, and noticed a truck pull up in the drive and into the covered carport. Curious, I got out of the water, and introduced myself to this guy.… Read more

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First time pissed on!


The wife and I were at a Caribbean resort for the week. They had an au natural beach that was separate from the rest of the resort. On that beach was a little tower. On the first level was the bathroom, and if you went up the steps, there was a small lookout area that had great views of the ocean. The spot for people to stand was very small, but two people could certainly fit. The wife and I had been sunbathing naked for a while, and drinking plenty of Red Stripe beers while we did. We decided to head up to the top of this tower and check out the view. We really went up there to indulge in a… Read more

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Les Chaleurs de L'Hiver


Jeune étudiant de 23 ans m'ayant dénicher un petit emploi de fin de semaine. Livrant les journaux dans une centaine de foyer. Une dizaine d'abonnées me demandant de venir à leurs portes pour me donner un pourboire. En totalité des femmes d'un âge avancé. Soi vivant seule ou étant seulement en manque d'affection. Notant Nathalie un peu plus entreprenante que les autres. Les conversations avec elle pouvant durer de 15 à 25 minutes dans son portique. L'ayant visité au moins trois fois déjà. La madame de 51 ans qui tentait sans gêne de me séduire à chaque reprise. Me donnant toujours de généreux… Read more

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I am his slave

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Now in this story I will tell u some more experiences. After returning from Goa I was very eager to meet Sharmajee and was really missing him badly. He was a real sex guru for all women. Sometime we talk on phone or sometime used to video chat on skype. Sharmajee used to order me to strip and dance. Couple of times he even ordered me to suck my hubby’s cock so he could watch it live. He also showed us how he does sex with some of his girlfriends and honestly I felt so jealous and horny also at the same t… Read more

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Son helps his grieving mother


I was born on my Mother's 19th birthday. Not an amazing fact in itself, but one that would have interesting repercussions later in life. My early years were not unusual, and it wasn't until I was in my teens that I made an interesting discovery, well, two in fact. Firstly, I realised that my mother, called Ruth, was incredibly attractive (5'11" tall, with short reddish brown hair, a full set of tits and legs that went on, and on, and on.) Secondly, she and my Dad fucked like rabbits every night, and when she fucked, my Mum was loud and proud! Every night, as they fucked in their room (or the… Read more

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Morning surprise

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About a year ago I met a woman via the chat function of one of those mobile games. We started chatting about the game we played and told each other more and more about ourselves. As dull as the game was, we kept coming back, only to chat with eachother. Our chats slowely evolved from casual chit-chat into more serious conversations about our family life (both married with c***dren), about the ups and downs and what we were missing, which in turn turned into some very explicit conversations. At first we talked about our needs, wishes, fetishes and what we were curious to try. After a while w… Read more

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sister named Revathi and she is my mom’s elder sister’s daughter. Since my parent often goes to native I sometimes go to her home for studying. Revathi have lost both her parents and my parents only take care of her but she wants to stay away from us so she is in separate house and she is doing her Bcom 2nd year whereas am doing my engineering 1st year. She is 1 year elder to me. She loves me very much as her younger brother and she have introduced me to all her friends as her own brother itself and she use to take me also whenever she goes for outing. She is fair in complexion and her height… Read more

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early christmas present

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Early Christmas Present Working in IT has its benefits..A good living,nice house and the down side's take me away from home for days at a time this instance im away for 5days in holland at our sister factory the wife debbie is a busy person to between work ..trying to keep fit as we are both in our early 50's debbie is 5'8 blonde hair 38DD great legs and ass turns many heads when we're out and me John 6'0 pretty fit blonde hair 8" cock and nice size balls so the wife says lol the third day im away the job gets called off cause the they need new servers and there is a delay in deliverin… Read more

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Aunt Karen Shopping (www ) Author unknown


We were on our way to the mall when Aunt Karen started talking to me about the “rules.” I don’t remember exactly how she put it, but she talked about how she knew we had both been having fun for the last few days and that she wanted us both to feel comfortable and continue having fun. But she was concerned about my being only 14 years old and that certain things were i*****l for her to do with someone my age. She said she would feel more comfortable if we set out some rules that would protect us both. So the rules ended up going something like this: We could not touch each other in a s… Read more

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Tricked My Horny Mom Into Incest Sex – Part 3


Refreshing the story my dream was to fuck my mom with a nasty talking and looking her facial expression. I woke up in the morning expecting my mom in a good mood for fuck. I decided to bunk my college and fuck my mom the whole day in different angles. I went out of my bedroom in search of her big puffy pussy. She was in the kitchen saw me coming towards her said “ Raj college ke t… Read more

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Mother And Son– Part 3

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That afternoon, Dev came home. There she was, his mother clad in blue chiffon Saree. She served him lunch and stood near him. But his eyes were all set to his mother alone. He pulled his chair back, got up, gazed at his mother “You look so beautiful” He removed her saree. Clad in light blue blouse and petticoat, he lifted his mom and went to his bed. He lifted her petticoat and ate her, they made love and mother and son fed each other. That night Priya, slipped out of her room and snuggled together with D… Read more

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Tricked My Horny Mom Into Incest Sex – Part 1


I am 29 years now and this story is all about my lovely mom when was about 25 years and mom was turning 40 years. It’s a true story tells about how I fucked mom after seducing her to have sex. Mom has maintained pretty well in shape, fair in color with long hair patting her ass cheeks while walking around the house makes me go crazy. She is a housewife fulfilling our needs all the time with love and her lovely body. Mom has a big fatty ass and her boobs are 34 DD in size too big to handle I say. A… Read more

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Tricked My Horny Mom Into Incest Sex – Part 2


Some of them were asking about me & my mom’s nature and hobbies in detail. I would like to request to first go through the first two stories of mine to feel the kick if not read. I again thank all who mailed me your comments. It is been almost ten years for me thinking of matured women and i****t sex. The first woman, I thought of fucking is my mom (Nirmala) when I was only 18 years. She is an angel and sex goddess for me. I have grown up masturbating to her beauty, with big boobs of 34 D size which a… Read more

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Mother And Son– Part 1


I’m deeply aroused by mom son i****t. This is such a story which is a work of pure imagination. I’m writing with the intention of giving the reader a great orgasmic experience. I hope it works !! Dev was a gentleman in everyone’s eyes, a soft-spoken shy guy, yet cheerful and good-humored. He was the only son of a business man, Ravi. A shrewd business man he was, Ravi was known for his greediness and cunning. Ravi started his business under an old noble business man. Ravi with his cunning, managed to woo the old man’s da… Read more

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Mother And Son– Part 2


Ravi, her husband was still sound asleep priya washed her body, meticulously cleaned out his spunk, she noticed the bite marks and other remains of their wild fuck last night…She decided to wear a jeans. She put in her black bra and wore a while tight fitting shirt to tease her son. At 9:30 AM, both the men of the house got ready, Ravi and Dev looked handsome in their business suits. “Did you enjoy the party?” Ravi asked. “I did enjoy Dad. Yesterday night was the best!” “Well what happened?” “It was about the food and t… Read more

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My Neighbor -Part One- *Visual Aid*

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I had this neighbor that was Arabian most likely in her 40's. She had a nice body for her age, her ass was huge with a bit of cellulite, her curves were mesmerizing and her tits were 36 C. I was secretly in love with this woman. I would sometimes peep out the window just to get a glance at those cheeks jiggling in her dress when she leaves her apartment. My cock would always go rock hard with my imagination running wild for her ass. I usually tried timing taking out my trash when she took her's. I would always offer my assistance and she would smile and say, "thank you" in a soft soothing voic… Read more

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Night intruders at home


That night my lovely hubby was watching a movie at the dining room and I was upstairs getting ready for bed. I was really tired after a long and stressing day at my office. I had stripped of and then put a long t-shirt to cover my body. All of a sudden, I heard and insistent ringing of the doorbell. I went out of our bedroom and saw Victor was moving from his seat. He opened the door slightly to see who was there and immediately he found himself thrown back into the room as a man pushed his way in. The stranger was on top of my husband in just an instant, brandishing a hunting knife and o… Read more

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