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My Biggest Fantasy...


I have always had fantasies about some of my former students. Well finally I had that fantasy come true. I was on an adult dating sites and found a former student on there and decided to take a chance. I started chatting with her, trying to keep my identity a secret. I asked her a few questions about some of her likes and dislike and found out about her fetish for older men. I told her I was a teacher and have always fantasized about my former students. We chatted a little more and I started asking about what older men she fantasized about. She started describing a favorite teacher of hers and… Read more

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Curvy white girl kidnapped and sold


My head feels fuzzy. I open my eyes and look around me. Nothing looks familiar. I’m on a bed, but I feel cold. There’s only a thin blanket over me. I try to huddle further under the blanket. It’s then I realise I’m naked. I try to get up. What the fuck, there’s a cuff against my wrist. I pull on the cuff, a chain rattles. I pull further, the other end is attached to the bed frame. I look around me. The room is small, with hardly any light. There are small windows, but up too high for me to reach. Even if I could reach them they are barred. The door looks solid, with a small window. I wrap the… Read more

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2019.04.07. Met my son


At the command of the master, I put the fox-tail buttplug in my butt. He tied my breasts tight and put the chain on my nipples. He picked up my outfit, hanging out from the foxhole and exposing my breasts to everyone. So I sat in the car and started to go to my son. In the housing estate I tried to get into the house sooner and into the apartment. Entering the apartment, I immediately took off my clothes. "Good whore, you know what you must do," my ex-husband said. He slept in my son's room. I went to his and carefully pulled his dick out of his underwear and started sucking. It soon became to… Read more

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2019.04.09 My son used me


In the morning, the master tied my breasts tightly with an clock chain and closed it with a padlock behind my neck. He stretches my breasts all day. I'm in a thin top, which is slightly visible. At lunch time my son came to me and I had to suck behind one of the warehouse buildings. He said it would be a continuation in the evening. Late afternoon my son called. "The next one to wear is with a collar leash, a fox-tailed buttplug and a chain on my nipples. Then come out naked to me in the car." He told. "But it's still light what if someone sees me," I said. "I don't care about a whore and come… Read more

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English Lane


English Lane ************************************************* Copyright Oggbashan March 2018 The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. ************************************************* I am walking slowly along the lane. The signs of Spring are clear. The sun is shining through the trees after this morning’s rain. The birds are singing loudly. I can hear t… Read more

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The Last Card


The Last Card Copyright Oggbashan January 2019 The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. Sixty-one years ago I had given Margaret a Valentine Card. It had ‘With All My Love’ written above my name. I had been inspired to buy her a card after her bicycle tyres were punctured. One Friday evening late in January we were on the same commuter train. As usual she… Read more

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JEAN, Not Your Normal Nun Story

First TimeMatureTaboo

This Is Based On My Own Personal Experience: Because I Had Discovered The "Adult Book Store/ Theater, And Basement Row Of "Glory Holes", I Had Skipped A Few Sunday School Sessions. The Monsignor Decided To Make Me Do Some Penance. If I Agreed He Would Not Involve My Mom. I Immediately Agreed. If I Stayed Out Of Trouble I Was Allow Allot Of "Freedom". He Ordered Me To Be A The Church Every Saturday Morning To Help Clear Out & Clean Up The Basement. I Had To Be There At 8am. When I Got There I Went Through The Backdoor And Immediately There Was A Door To The Basement. I Opened The Door A… Read more

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The Fill In

Interracial SexMature

The Fill In I just finished having sex with my 65 year old grey fox. I have to say we have been married for close to 45 years and neither one of us strayed away. Our sex life has always been good, in fact I could honestly say my wife wants it just as much as the day we got married. Which does cause me a little problem. I could see the wife still wants a little more from me in our lovemaking sessions. Not that I am not performing but I am not up to the speed of my younger days. We were laying down in our bed with me looking over my wife’s body. She still had it. About a size 2 dress, slight… Read more

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Father & Daughter Love.

HardcoreMatureFirst Time

At sixty, I took early retirement. It's been ten years since Judy, my wife, passed away. My daughter, my only c***d, is married, with a daughter of her own. I am expecting a visit from her. I had leased out my house in the country and bought a condominium in the city. I just did not have the same drive it took to maintain the old place. While there were good memories, there was also that reminder of Judy. Everything in and around the house reminded me of her. I missed her terribly. The lobby intercom phone rang. I changed the TV to the lobby cam and saw Cheryl. I buzzed her in. A few minutes… Read more

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Gymnastics Trainer


I was cleaning the change room.It was about 18:00.There was nobody in the building.Or I was thinking so.I heard some voices from shower section.Someone was taking shower.First, I thought that gymnast girls left the taps open.But, no..someone was taking shower.Probably, one of the gymnast girls were taking shower.I cleaned the room and began waiting for her. I'm almost 74 years old and still working.I'm retired but I didn't want to stay at home. That's why the manager of sports center accepted me to work there.I was just cleaning the rooms and the change rooms.In that week there was an internat… Read more

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A Day Of Many First for New sub slut!

First TimeInterracial SexMature

So my Sub F/W/B and I are invited to visit some swinger friends. We spend the day at there place enjoying the sun and just getting to know each other, The weather was great so the Women take Of their Tops and We guys get a few feels as a little sucking. My Female friend is very new to the life style and this was the first couple we have met together. On the way Hope we're talking about the days and I can see just talking about her sucking the other guys cock was getting her excited! So I decided it was time to introduce her to some real sucking action! So I drove to the local Adult store.… Read more

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First experience with couple from local bar


Last night I went out with my friends as usual in one of our local bars for few drinks and casual talks. Half trough the night I went to take another beer and noticed one couple standing near the bar. They were kinda in their 40's, casual looking couple.The woman started watching me long enough so I will notice her. She was wearing normal dress with black tights. Tights and dresses are huge turn on for me so I started looking her back and smiled.She smiled back. I felt like something is going on but didn't gave it a lot of attention and just took my beer and went back to my friends. After I w… Read more

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Hot busty Mom Gangbanged in train by thugs and pol

Group SexTabooMature

My family consists of me , my mom and my dad…I’m 18 yrs old and from Chennai… My dad is a traveller and hardly stays at home… My mom is a very conservative lady who is spiritually connected… She doesn’t like to expose her body much as she was very conservative… Her name is Usha and is 42 years old… She has a 38D boobs which is so big that can make any man hard any day…. Her ass is fleshy and sways abnormally sideways when she walks…She usually wears nighties at home and chudidhar / sarees while going out…… Read more

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Only a fantasy...?

Interracial SexFirst TimeMature

An early forty-something couple, now done having our c***ds, four good beauties; growing up in a hurry. Although life is hectic we find time and are ready to experiment with fantasies, maybe more???. ... Flirting and petting with other attractive couples and testing and expanding our comfort zone. This all started for us when we had a sudden unplanned opportunity to enjoy a brief vacation at a luxurious resort in Jamaica. On a whim we ended up at a bar and club that had a mix of locals and tourists . A casual but very sexy white sundress, obviously bra-less, along with her natural beauty made… Read more

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How Mom Fucked By Lorry Drivers

Group SexTabooMature

my family consists of my dad mom and my brother … My dad is a busy person who is always involved in his office work.. My brother went out of country for his higher studies, and I am still studying.. This incident happened when me and my mom was traveling to our home town…it was a sunny day me and my mom packed all our stuff and kept in car and started moving,, I noticed mom was looking sexy that day she was wearing a pink saree with sleeveless blouse , and her cleavage was clearly visible and her tummy was looking juicy a… Read more

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Seducing Mom After Lorry Drivers


Thanks for all your support guys!! I have mentioned everything about thing about my mom in my first story ,, after all the fucking scenes with the lorry drivers ,, me n my mom reached our home town .. Which is a small town and not much populated area.. As there was a village festival going on.. The whole village was colorful ,,all were dressed good ,looking good !! Mom n me reached our ho… Read more

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Enjoying In A Train Toilet With Aunt


It happened once when I was traveling on a train from the city I was studying into my hometown during vacation. It was about a 12-hour journey. I had booked a seat in the reservation for a night journey. Anyways I boarded the train. I was wearing a loose t-shirt and my Bermudas as it was really hot. The train was to leave at around 7 pm and reach my hometown early morning. I got to the ra… Read more

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Housewives secret sex club: part 4


If there’s one thing I’ve enjoyed in my married life, it is my ability to lie to my husband about pretty much anything. In the early part of our marriage before the c***dren were born I considered myself to be fairly prudish and not at all promiscuous. But since I hit my 40s I know that I have become a complete and utter slut for other men. I have been a member of the housewives private sex club for two years now and really enjoyed going there spending my husbands hard earned money to be pleasured by either 1, 2, 3 or sometimes four young men. This particular morning I had packed my husband of… Read more

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wheelchair sex....part 7 (the beginning cont'


please read the other parts of as i continue to tell this part of the story from Nadine's eyes. i wondered why Nadine was such a submissive woman who knew exactly what she wanted and was not shy about telling you. if you recall from part six Nadine was placed on a recliner chair with a clear view of the bed. Nadine's cousin and her friend had literally attacked her aunt. pulling her clit, pulling her nipples, smacking her pussy. Nadine remembers her aunt Sally enjoying all that attention. this started Nadine coming as well. Nadine at this point was surprised at the number of orgasms she was h… Read more

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First time with man!

MatureMasturbationFirst Time

It was a snowy night in december a few years ago i was alone and had urge to go on gay chatline to see who was around in my local area.After spending around an hour on line i got a message from a man which got my attention,an older man which i have had a attraction for we exchanged messages and then phone numbers it was all moving so quick and he was local so i thought tonight is night we sent few text messages and i arranged to go to his house or 'manse'.I made my way on my short and exciting journey and stopped outside house,it was like i was in some sort of trance that i could not stop, i k… Read more

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