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the cruise

Group SexMatureFirst Time

This is a true story. My name is Jane, not that it really matters. I’m a 40-year-old wife with 2 boys, 12 and 13 and a husband. My husband <msreadoutspan class="msreadout-line-highlight">and I enjoy a full sex life and have occasionally played with other couples. I am good looking and in <msreadoutspan class="msreadout-word-highlight">shape</msreadoutspan>, but I am not </msreadoutspan>sure about the MLIF category. We recently went on a Caribbean cruise. The four of stayed in one room that had one bed and two pulldown beds for the boys. I was a little cramped, but it was only for a short tim… Read more

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Wife cheats with neighbor who’s like my own son 2


The rest of my evening was not easy for me when my wife arrived home from work. I wanted her so bad, I can’t tell you how much I wanted to lick my wives pussy and ass and have her call herself mommy for me after Sam filled my head with so many things my wife and Jason had been doing. Licking his cum from her messy soaking wet pussy and ass after he finished with her was truly making my cock as hard as it has ever been. Even though I had jerked off before she had gotten home my cock was hard again, because I could not stop thinking about the two of them together. My desire for my wife from wha… Read more

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Sweet innocence

First TimeMature

Author’s note: This is a story in two parts, it is fiction, any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely accidental. All characters are eighteen years of age or older at the time of any sexual activity. Jack Taylor sat in his armchair, picking through a box of old photographs. This was something he tended to do a lot these days now that he was on his own. At sixty nine years of age he was still active, at least he had been up until that awful day two years before when Angela the love of his life had tripped and stumbled. He relived that moment time and time again, how she had inst… Read more

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Sweet innocence, or not so innocent.

First TimeMatureTaboo

( Continued from Sweet innocence) It was three weeks later that Angela announced that her period was late, she made an appointment to see the doctor. Then the day arrived when Jack came home from work, Angela was standing in the kitchen, a broad smile on her face. Jack knew immediately what it meant, taking her in his arms, kissing her, tears of joy rolling down both of their cheeks. The due date was given as the end of April, Angela carried her pregnancy with pride, only giving up her job at the beginning of March. Both sets of grandparents were over the moon with happiness, the house was… Read more

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Carmen and Brian one more time


The three of us relaxed a bit until Carmen got up and went over to her vanity and sat down in the chair and started to freshen up her face. Brian and I watched as she got herself back in order and I looked over at Brian who had started to caress his cock. "Go ahead man" I said to him "Take her again if you want to" Brian looked at me and then at Carmen and moved off the bed and went up behind Carmen. I watched as he put his arms around her and took hold of her firm tits and started kissing her around her neck. Carmen began to wiggle a little as the effects of Brian's kisses started to aro… Read more

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Mother Catches Son Having Sex


Daphne diced the onions, humming a made up tune to herself. She finished with the onions and started on the capsicums, when she heard a thump upstairs. She knew her son, Jacob and his girlfriend Natalie where home, and assumed the noise had come from them. They had arrived from her house about 20 minutes ago, and said they were going to watch a movie, although when she was a teenager that was code for something quite different. She trusted her son, though; after his father passed away a few years ago he had really began opening up to her, telling her a lot of details about his personal life.… Read more

Posted by Mikebolton 10 hours ago 4,173 94%

Watching my mommy Sobha getting fucked 1


This is a series specially written for those people who cannot imagine themselves having sex with their mothers but fantasize about seeing their mothers as sluts and being fucked by other men. This incident happened about five years ago. I live in a city nearby Kanjirappally in Kerala along with my mother, Sobha. My father works in Dubai. So, he comes home only once in every year. Now let me tell you about my mother. She is forty years old and she keeps a good figure. Big breasts and a slim waist define her struc… Read more

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In Mums Bed


I was only about 5 years old when my father decided to leave my mother. I never really got to know him or what he was like. Growing up I had always thought that my daddy just never was. I didn’t find out the real truth until I was a week away from turning f******n. My mother told me later, that she was ashamed to tell me and wanted me not to have to wonder ‘why’ growing up. I understand her reasoning though. I really do. The day that she told me the truth about my father was certainly a day that was, well weird. Everything that day just seemed to go somewhat differently than usual in most aspe… Read more

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Mum Caught Me.


Like any teenage boy I jerked off a lot. I had my secret stash of adult magazines I would masturbate too on a daily basis; One night I began to read an i****t story. The more I read the mum/son stories I did find myself becoming very aroused. Soon after that I was wanking off to my first i****t story, one about a mum and son. It ended up being one the best ejaculations I had ever had. After reading and wanking off to these stories for a couple of weeks I began to look at my mum in a different light. I began to see her not only as my mum but as an older woman. She was in her early 30's, she lo… Read more

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hubbys bet & my surprise : mom becomes a slut

First TimeGroup SexMature

hello my name is jill and in order to write this story i have to put in my part of the story to let you know how i came to be his wife and let him fuck any woman he desires all with my apovall and blessings when paul and i were still dating i was so in love with him that i would do anything he asked of me but when he said he made me love him and could have an woman he wanted i thought i would make him eat crow and asked him what he would put up as a weager he said anything i wanted and when he won i would let him have any woman he wanted and i would not be jealous or upset but i would have to… Read more

Posted by lonelyandhungry468 15 hours ago 2 1,412 75%

Cabinets for Kathy

MatureHardcoreFirst Time

I get a phone call one day saying that I was recommended to them as a cabinet builder. So I went to meet them, they have a new home with a new kitchen but they are not happy. So we agree that they will pay me to build a new one. I meet them several times. Kathy and Sig are Eastern European immigrants and this will be their retirement home. Both are short and speak English with a thick accent. Kathy does all the talking. She had reddish brown hair with her black roots showing. Kathy wears stretch pants or legging and tee shirt and sweater if she is chilly. Kathy is in her 50’s, and is very ind… Read more

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My 3 some by Brandymilf

Group SexLesbian SexMature

Brandmilf in a Three-way? Most of you know my story, if you don't, I was married to an ex-professional athelete for 28 years. He ran off with a 30 year old ex NFL cheerleader, we are now divorced, I'm on a quest to see how much sexy fun a 50 year old woman can have! I have become good friends with a sexy woman who take body pump classes with me 2-3 days per week at our health club. She's 10 years younger and a killer body, 34b-26-34, 5'7 and a long lean toned, and tanned body and long auburn hair! I met her and her boyfriend, who's 5 years younger than her, that's 15 years younger than ME! W… Read more

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BBW mom takes my load

TabooMatureFirst Time

I must be watching porn videos on my laptop too often. I'm horny all the time and I can't get the relief I need. One day when my Mom was getting a shower I went into her bedroom. Her stained panties were lying on the bed. I picked them up and held them up to my face. I took a good whiff of her female scent. A lot of musk and a bit of pee I must not have been paying attention. In walked my mother from the bathroom. "What are you going Danny?" I know my face got red and I stuttered trying to find something to say. Mom walked over and took her panties from my hands. I knew she was pissed at me… Read more

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My big - titted neighbor


My name is Dan and this is a made up story about something I wanted to happen in my youth. I had just finished up with high school. I was going to attend college in a couple of months. My parents said I didn't have to find a job that summer. That was just fine with me. I wanted to kick back for awhile. The one thing my parents did say was that I needed to help our next door neighbor Paula. She told my parents she needed me to help move some furniture around. My folks told me not to ask for, or accept any money from Paula. My parents were old school like that. You didn't take money from fr… Read more

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Donna's gyno exam

MatureTabooFirst Time

Donna rolled over in bed, her alarm rudely awakening her from sleep. Having just turned 18, Donna's mother had advised her to schedule an appointment with her physician for a complete exam. Wanting to get the appointment over with as quickly as possible, Donna had accepted the first appointment the receptionist offered, at 7 a.m. Running her fingers up and down her toned stomach, Donna cursed herself for making such an early appointment. Donna's hands squeezed her sort of large but firm breasts, fingers slowly rolling and pulling on her constantly erect nipples. Reaching over to her nightstan… Read more

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Spring Break By Accident!


The wife and I had just about enough of the cold winter and crap that accompanies it. We were both stir crazy, overworked, and totally in need of a bit of fun and sunshine. So I decided to be romantic and surprised her with a last minute trip to an all inclusive in Cancun. She was so excited when I told her to pack her bags, and just like that we were off on our adventure. When we arrived at the resort (which was adults only), my wife immediately pointed something out to me. We were definitely the oldest people there. As we walked the grounds, we saw hot young bodies everywhere. By the pool,… Read more

Posted by Chatfun77 21 hours ago 1,872 92%

How It All Started With The MIL


Some might say it’s a bad or dirty habit. For me it is now a daily ritual. Whether I’m driving a vehicle or just sitting on the couch watching the television one or both my hands end up on my crotch and I play with myself. I’ve been doing it for so long I don’t even think about it. I can’t count the number of times my wife has commented to me about me playing with my cock. Many times it usually ends up with us fucking, a hand job or blow job. Most of the time I don’t do it for one of those reasons, it’s just has become a natural habit for me. That is until about six years ago. It was December… Read more

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Mother and daughter

HardcoreFirst TimeMature

It was a hot afternoon in June. Jessie was at school and Rick was out driving his cab. Thank God he had a/c in the car. I was just doing odd jobs around the house taking it easy. I had thrown on a short white summer dress after my shower without underwear. Not expecting company I didn't dress up. I had finished making the beds when the doorbell rang. It was Jimmy Scott, a friend of Rick's. It was not unusual for Jimmy to drop by as he was a city bus driver and had unusual breaks in his day. "Rick's not home," I told him, "Want to come in for a beer?" Jimmy came in and sat in the living roo… Read more

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Mom's New Boyfriend pt2 (msg me for Pt1)


Add me on here and msg me on Skype ♥ Sunday was awkward at home as both my mom and I were trying very hard not to talk about what happened Saturday night. I ended up going back to the dorm early in the afternoon. I tried to do some homework but my mind was too focused on Peter and earning his attention. I think my roommate must have though I was sick since I had to excuse myself to go down the hall to the bathroom so many times. She probably felt I had food poisoning. I couldn't tell her I was so horny I had to go and masturbate almost continually to keep from going crazy. Monday, Tuesday an… Read more

Posted by SmallTeenGirl420 1 day ago 1,055 78%

Me And Servant Rajan Married My Mom

Group SexTabooMature

I loved the response you gave me to my previous stories . Now getting back to where we left, Mom had agreed to marry both me and Rajan, we were just waiting for the right time to do it. Dad had told me about one of his business trips to China, he had to go for almost 2 weeks, so i had this window of opportunity in my mind. I thought of telling this to mom, one day when she was cooking in the kitchen, wearing her black saree. I went to her and hugged her… Read more

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