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Strange Occupations

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I am installing one of our company’s systems at a customer’s location in a city that you, my lovely daughter, had moved to for a new job several months back. I had met up with you last night, and we had gone out for dinner and a few drinks. Although we had done this daddy/daughter dinner thing a few times in the past when I had travelled here, something was a little different last night that I couldn’t put my finger on. One thing that I do know, you were dressed sexier than usual, wearing a somewhat low cut button down blouse that showed off your lovely cleavage nicely and a rather short skirt… Read more

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My wife and my boss


This is my hubby's very first story!! I loved it so I decided to share, hope you enjoy! The following is a story that is not true but one that I hope soon comes to pass… My wife and I have been in a very fun hotwife/cuckold relationship for several years now. I am not a traditional cuckold, no cage for me, no humiliation. I do like it when she says she likes another guys cock more than mine or that their cock was a lot bigger. When we have sex we love telling each other out fantasies. Its been crazy how they have grown and evolved and even crazier how many of them we have fulfilled! It wa… Read more

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The motherfuckers Part 2

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Carole put on a t-bone steak for her 18 year old son and made herself a piece of halibut. As she sat across from her son, she watched the teenager devour the large piece of red meat. Yes, he is certainly a red blooded young man... Look at that boy tear into that piece of meat! I hope he tears into his horny mommy like that! Her mind started to wander. "MMMM!! Eat all that protein, darling! Make lots and lots of tiny little sperm for your horny mommy!!!" Carole was getting so turned on watching her son finish his dinner she couldn't stand it any longer. "Darling, will you be a sweetheart a… Read more

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The motherfuckers Part 1

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

It had taken Carole Baker quite a bit of mental gymnastics to get to this step. It seemed that lately a lot of things were happening in her life since the divorce. The blonde mother of a teenage boy had finally jettisoned her abusive husband and had decided that the best way to get totally away from him was to sell the house and move out of town. She was starting over in a new city, as far away from that fucking bastard as possible. Thinking back she wasn't quite sure how she and her 18 year old son ended up buying a house in Bellview, a middle size town near the California coast. Since the… Read more

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Carol The Cum Dump


Many years ago.... in a land far, far.... not too far on a plane.. away... I once lived in an apartment block tower which consisted of two apartments separated by a stair well stacked five high..... it was nice... secure.... and had many memory's….. one... was big carol... now she wasn't massive huge... she was by far the biggest woman I have ever been with so far... she was definitely Bbw…. huge h tits.... big pussy..... huge ass..... the tightest ass hole..... The apartment opposite, over a few years changed hands..... this time it was Carol, her very young daughter and her weird very p… Read more

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Asian Massage Parlor Experiences

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Since learning about Asian Massage Parlors, i became very curious. The first time I ever visited one back in 2012 was a night that I was very horny and could not shake the craving to flash my cock to some stranger. I actually did do a window flash while masturbating prior to build up the courage to finally try visiting a parlor myself (I will post about my flashing experiences later). So after some quick research to learn about the etiquette, I drove over to a local shop I had passed by several times on my way home from work. Upon entering I was greeted by a middle aged Chinese woman. She didn… Read more

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Surprising gift

AnalTabooGroup Sex

I’ve been flirting with this 19 year old girl in my photography class for a few weeks, shortly after that Cheryl and I started hooking up here and there, she was a machine. At 5’5” with a nice full C cup and a thought teenage body I was shocked how much she was into me. We would get together when ever we could, simple booty call when she or I were in the mood. But one evening things got a bit more crazy, I was chilling at home not doing too much when Cheryl text me “ you doing anything?” ”not much, what did you have in mind?” I replied. “you should come over.” She answered So I put some clothe… Read more

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From horny girl to cheap prostitute

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This story is just about the PERSONAL choices of ONE person and is not meant in any way to offend, insult anyone, or promote any the situations pictured here. Ever since my breast started to develop I became a very horny person. I always loved to be admired by everyone, guy and girls my own age, but most the look I would get from older men. It was l always arousing. That feeling lead to other things and eventually thing escalated to where I find myself now. It all started very innocently, teasing men around them mall, at school, on the street, eventually that lead me to a few relationships… Read more

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More dancing with Mom (continued)


(I had a major computer crash writing that last post but I are back again) … "I thought you and Hans were just dinner companions." She was flustered and said "Well, we fuck too!" I just laughed, and finished shaving her pussy till, it transformed into something she hadn't seen in about 35 years. I was so turned on when I saw the real live bald pussy on MY Mom. All the while that I was shaving her, I was watching the slow ooze of Hans' ejaculate, making sure that it didn't run down her ass crack. After I admired my handiwork for a few, Mom asked me "You wanna eat my freshly fucked, and fre… Read more

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Some Mothers !


Some Mothers ! The pain was devastating. It seemed to rip through her entire body. She was being torn in two. Stretched apart like the turkey wishbone on thanksgiving. She swore that if ever again she was going to give birth she would take any and all d**gs that may be offered to her. This “natural” c***d birth for the birds and she would never do it again. To Crystal it seemed like several torturous hours of the most excruciating pain anyone could ever endure. Her pelvis ached ever so and her pussy felt like it was tore into pieces after giving birth. In reality she was only in labor for… Read more

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The Babysitter 2

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For some history, please read our other story titled “The Babysitter” before reading this one. We pulled it off! Round 2 with our babysitter Deb. Spent most of yesterday writing this for you amazing readers while it was fresh in my head. Hope you enjoy! I’d kept in contact with Deb since our first encounter. I still had flashbacks of fucking that young vixen and teaching her how to suck a cock properly. My wife Erin truly enjoyed listening on the phone while Deb and I played, and later hearing about what exactly had happened. Deb and I exchanged the odd flirtatious texts and she expressed a… Read more

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Female Friendly Step-Fantasy Erotica


This one is strictly for the ladies from an amazing experience I had when I was 18 years old. It is highly Taboo and covers at least 15 of the most searched porn terms by females across the world. I made this a full-length Novellette to make you put your phone down to take a break more than once to masturbate multiple times because that's exactly what this is for. It was accepted for world-wide paperback publishing until I pulled it because I will be fictionalizing it; not just changing names and locations and making it a small piece of a much larger novel series about my experiences leadin… Read more

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The Truth About Female Masturbation!


In a society where sex, nudity and desire have grown to be discussed and displayed, masturbation, and specifically, feminine masturbation, stands while a taboo still. Is it just the topic that is taboo, or will it concern the practice itself also? Let’s check out what surveys reveal. YES, women masturbate! The subject of female masturbation may be a taboo in daily media and conversations, nonetheless it is not for researchers! Let’s trave… Read more

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Married women 12 - Susanne


I used to own a shop in which I sold all kinds of art books, posters, prints and stuff. Not much after I opened, a young woman came in early on a Saturday morning. I knew her, her name was Susanne, we had worked in the same company two years before. I knew she was married and had a little daughter, I kew where she lived – and I knew she wasn’t interested in art at all. It was a busy day in the shop, lots of customers, but Susanne was there all the time, looked at everything and pulled out books and leafed through them in the reading corner. I realised she wasn’t here because of a sudden rise i… Read more

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The Skate Park--B l o o d Sweat and Tears


The Skate Park—Bl o o d Sweat and Tears Time went on for the next few years with nothing out of the ordinary happining. Dustin 16 now I was aproaching 21. Still mowing, and more painting now. Still making a porn here and there for Mr. Johnny. I told him I was content for the filming fee—he could keep sales and commissions. Prolly should keep it in the big towns cause the smaller ones might recognize me from football fame. So we kept it to Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston, San Antone, and Austin. There was another real life case where the dude did get “outed” Just like me—star quarter back—him from N… Read more

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Crazy story


crazy story!!!! U won’t believe!!!  sumtimes da **** gods smile on you!!!  So I was out nightstalkin the nite before thanxgivin rite.  That’s a big go out nite and man there was so many bad ass yung white chicks out at this club/bar section, where there’s like 3 cars.  Ok 1st, these 3 fine ass thicc ass white girls come out the club, im sittin in my car just beatin my shit to all da meat, there’s this huge ass construction dumpster behind the club, the girls go behind it to pee and my car is lined straight up with them and it’s pretty close, so they start pullin they pants… Read more

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jims wanking gets him in trouble part 3


'jens on the way round jim here take your cup start wanking i'm not sure if she's coming alone or bringing her sons with her but i want you in front of the door wanking off when she comes in ok' 'but mom please she may not be on her own i don't want to wank off in front of anyone else please mom' 'so you don't mind wanking off in front of your mom and your aunt but not anyone else ?' 'uh no mom i don't like wanking off in front of anyone mom' 'well if you don't like it why does your cock get hard and why do you cum' 'i don't know mom but i don't like it please don't make me mom' 'get undressed… Read more

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The Awakening

TabooFirst TimeMasturbation

It was very early ... barely enough light to see anything, and I lay there for a while wondering why I'd woken up at this hour, and then I felt her next to me ... she must have climbed into bed whilst I was asleep. She was snuggled up next to me and I could smell the warm sweet scent of her hair. I lay there motionless, pretending to sleep, and savouring the feel of her young body pressed against mine, her leg resting on my thigh, and the heat emanating from her silken bush. She had her hand resting on my belly, and was moving it ever so slowly, carefully down towards my crotch, pausing now an… Read more

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Cuckold Lex has a strange preference in sex


My old schoolmate Lex has a problem. He has been married for 5 years to the prettiest girl in class, and every guy would like to fuck her. In talk or in apps they sort of openly say so to one another, and oddly enough Lex himself would rather have somebody else fuck his wife than fucking her himself. Strange guy ... And watching another guy fuck his wife is his ultimate fantasy. The thought of it has turned him on daily for quite a while. He has one other condition to letting somebody else fuck his wife while he is watching: licking the fresh sperm from her pussy when the other guy has ejacul… Read more

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When my wife and I were just Boy and girl friend we took chances as the only place we could have sexy games was at her house(I was on leave from the USAF in West Germany on leave in London, england. In those heady days she always drew the line at “going all the way” but loved sucking my cock and Always swallowed each and every spurt of my heavy ejaculate saying my cum tasted delicious! As a reward I in turn used my mouth, two fingers and long tongue on her hairy snatch which would emit sexy smelling juices I Didn,t mind swallowing myself. We,d also taken to doing a full sixty nine, but had not… Read more

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