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Abspritzsüchtig seit dem ersten Orgasmus mit 13. Seitdem mindestens einmal Sperma abspritzen pro Tag, oft auch mehrfach, manchmal bis es wegen Schmerzen in den Hoden nicht mehr geht.

Heimnudist. Eine Frau, die mit mir zuhause Zeit verbringt, wird sich an den Anblick eines nackten Mannes gewöhnen müssen. Snocks und vielleicht ein leichter Penisring ist meine Freizeitbekleidung. Nicht jede spontane Erektion in ihrem Beisein muss zum Sex führen, kann aber jederzeit, wenn sie möchte.

Eine glatte Intimrasur ist Pflicht. Eine Frau sollte mir jedes Detail ihrer Scheide zeigen und für meine Zunge ereichbar machen wollen und jedes Detail meines Schwanzes sehen und lutschen können wollen. Wenn ich meinen Schwanz bis zum Anschlag in sie stoße, will ich Haut an Haut mit ihr sein.

Ich liebe Frauen, die Sperma lieben. Für die es ein Glückgefühl ist, den Samen eines Mannes in sich zu wissen. Die süchtig danach sind, dass ein Mann sein Sperma in sie spritzt - in ihre Scheide oder in ihren Schlund.
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to ElMasturbat0re: I had my next checkup appointment with my skin doctor today. It was perfect. After last time it was clear, she not only has no problem with me having an erection during the checkup, but she actually provokes and enjoys it, I came "prepared" this time: I did not masturbate for three days, shaved my body and was wearing a medium sized cock ring (the ones that enhance an erection but not enforce it). And she was also "prepared" as it seems, since she did not beat around the bush but when she entered her office with me waiting in it, she immediately asked me to take off all my clothes (except socks). I complied and quickly took my pants and briefs off and slowed down for my shirts, so my cock could become perfectly hard during the time - all the time she sat at her desk and watched me strip with my cock getting hard. I loved it. She then asked me to step in front of her; she did not comment on my cock ring and thus the super strong erection with the veins coming out but she directly pulled my foreskin down and "checked" my glans for irritations by touching it while holding the foreskin down with her other hand. It had the appropriate effect on my cock and let it twitch during her "checkup". When she began to move the foreskin back and forth over the glans and touch the glans for "checkups" again, I even did not suppress my moaning. She then asked me to demonstrate how I masturbate now (since last time I mimicked it very aggressively as "excuse" for the irritation) and I did so, slowly massaging my cock, standing in front of her. I let her decide when I should stop, but after a minute or so, she directly asked me how long it would take for me to orgasm. I said, one or two minutes, after which she offered me a tissue and leaned back. So I masturbated in front of her and had my orgasm pretty quickly, shooting my semen into the tissue. She immediately took it, folded it and put on her desk (but not throw it away) and began to "checkup" my twitching penis again, while it slowly became soft, by moving the foreskin back and forth and touching its glans (spreading my semen over it). She then got up and just said "Thank you. Please make another appointment in a couple of weeks." and pretty much left me in her office, naked with a twitching cock. This all took 5 minutes or so, pretty quick. I got dressed again and left. Until next time... :) I love that I found a woman who likes to check me out like that. Feels nice! I know she "abuses" her position, but I dont care. I dont even care if I am not the only man she checks out like this or if she uses the tissue with my semen for some fetish later.
to ElMasturbat0re: Yea, I hit the jackpot. I couldnt stop thinking about her and if my impression is right that she is a doc that likes to check men out during her job. So I made another appointment claiming having a massive skin irritation (which is simply flaky dry skin after aggressive masturbation and additional scratching). So I went back, went to the toilet there to irritate the foreskin and glans and get me into the mood. She immediately recognized me when I entered her office and was very friendly. I told her my "problem" and I got the first positive sign from her when she again asked me to not only pull down my pants but take my pants and underpants off - which I did while she watched me "strip" in front of her, already having half an erection. I extended that by unbuttoning my shirt with my half hard dick hanging out. She asked me to step to her and there I was, standing in front of her, naked from the waist down. She took my penis in her fingers, pulled the foreskin down and checked my glance. I had a long tshirt on, so while she did that I pulled it up - not just a little, but up over the chest, so now I was from the chest down almost naked, with her holding my hardening penis. I played my role and said "sorry", like I was ashamed, and she gave me another positive sign by saying, that it is okay for her, so I relaxed with the effect of getting a full erection while she checked me out. Her "testing" my glans by gliding her finger over it (which was more a nice massage) helped a lot. She quickly called my bluff, but used it nicely, because she asked me how often I masturbate, to which I replied frankly, every day, sometimes more than once. She did a ninja move and then asked me if I could demonstrate how I do it. So there I was, standing in front of her, masturbating (aggressively to continue the charade). I closed my eyes and let her decide when to stop. After a minute or so, she put her hands on my thighs and softly said "okay" and when I let go, she took over, pulled the foreskin back again and touched my glans while holding my twitching penis. Just wonderful! She then said, I should put lotion on my glans before masturbating, got up and got a sample from a cabinet in her office, with me standing there with a twitching erection. When she sit down again, she asked me if she could demonstrate how to apply, which of course I said yes to. There she was, applying lotion on my glans, slowly moving the foreskin back and forth over it to distribute it over the glans and the inside of the foreskin. I just was the happiest man when she asked if she could demonstrate how I should masturbate. There I was, standing in front of her, while she wrapped her hand around my hard cock and slowly massaging it for some seconds. With a smile she got up and told me, she had to go (this all probably only took 5 minutes or so) and she wants to see me again in a couple of weeks to check out if it got better. I love her, she is awesome!
I think I am going to keep my current skin doctor. :smile: I had my annual skin cancer checkup and the older doc left the office for retirement and a female doc (easter european, mid 50s) took over. Unlike him, where I always kept my briefs on and he only pushed it shortly to the side to have a look at my dick, she asked me to get all nude from the beginning. And when she checked my penis, she grabbed it and pulled the foreskin all the way down to look at the glans, even touched the glans with a finger shorty. When she continued checking the body, she left the foreskin pulled back, so I could not help and get half an erection. She didnt mind, even talked to me for some minutes after the checkup with me being nude in front of her, my dick half erect. I think she likes checking men out. Next year I dont fight the erection and let it happen. =)
3 months ago
Gay and bisexual men, what part of "male, heterosexual" do you not understand when you contact me? :wink:
4 months ago
Thank you. I accept your invitation.
5 months ago
to Sareio: ... but since you are a lesbian, you dont like inside you?
to odetojoyce: Hey, sweety, which one is the most recent photo of you?
Thanks for your friendship, much appriciated! Dianna XOXOThanks for your friendship, much appriciated! Dianna XOXOThanks for your friendship, much appriciated! Dianna XOXO
5 months ago
Welcome...does this mean you will contribute to my tributes?
5 months ago
guter profiltext. kann dir da voll zustimmen ;)
5 months ago
hot profile
5 months ago
Thank you
5 months ago
Danke für Deine Anfrage
5 months ago
to abet-14: Thanks abet! :* <3
Sexy Avatar!
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